What's Going On With MSN?

I've read on some of the contestant's blogs/websites and I noticed it also that msn.com is displaying kinda "weird" results for Cpayscom2 Online Casino. I said weird because all the other search engines that is Yahoo and Google, even msn.co.il and msn.fr are displaying at least 30,000+ results but I msn .com is stuck to 900 only!!

What can be the reason? Hmm I think MSN is just a bit sick right now (any search engine doctor around? :P J/K) Ok let's be serious now. Have a look at this, I updated that post today to add msn.co.il and msn.fr, just check the SERP amount for each search engines! Must really be a problem with msn.com, I'd agree that they might be cleaning up spammy websites but I think .co.il and .fr should also follow the same path, why are these two displaying more than 30,000 results?

I did not stop here (really want to know what's happening to MSN), I queried MSN.com again for the top 100 instead of 10, see this, what you will say about this? Bang! Now MSN.com is showing 41,847! Amazing!

I hope MSN will be ok on the check point dates and the last day also, lol it will not be nice to have some "fake" winners :D :P



9/12/2006 09:12:00 AM

yes, i noticed the pattern also. i suspect it is because they are having datacenters that are not in sync with each other. how have you been doing, sexy gurl? lol. good luck!

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9/12/2006 08:34:00 PM

MSN is so complicated but yet the easiest SE to rank well on, don't you think? Ok let's say it's a datacenter problem, I think there's a little bit too much difference (900 and 40,000+)!

Hmm I've been very busy with work and didn't get much time to work on my blog, hehe else I'd outrank you long ago :D j/k hey looks like you gonne win that first $1000 ;) they mentioned that on cpayscom.com (in the announcements)


9/13/2006 04:55:00 AM

lol, they mentioned your site too ya! :) finally a female SEO. good job.


9/13/2006 06:59:00 AM

MSN is the easist to get in but you would need a lot of effort to stay in the same position because the positions are refreshed real-time. As for Google, it is more difficult to get into position, but once you get there, you can hold the position longer, probably for 3 to 4 weeks because Google flushes its datacenter periodically. In other words, if you are competing in Google, you have a so-called safe window period until the datacenters are flushed with the new SERPs. For MSN, you get ranked or deranked almost weekly. Think like this, for Google you need to put big effort for couple of weeks, then you reap the rewards for couple of weeks, then do it again in cycle. For MSN, the effort is daily as the SERP get refreshed weekly. Some people like Google because it is easier to hold to the position once you built all the links. Do you notice that sites can ranked in Google for a couple of months even without fresh content? I think Google is going towards an Internet without a lot of spam sites. Unfortonutely, they are big so people still sucked up to it. Lol. MSN is better ground for newbiew and old. What do ya think?