#1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN and Yahoo!

Ok, it's not a *scoop* that is #1 on MSN for the contest's keyword Cpayscom2 Online Casino #1 on MSN

I was checking who was #1 on Yahoo for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo and saw it at position #1 there also! #1 on Yahoo

Let's see how much time it'll take for cpayscom website to reach the #1 position on google! It will not be very easy on google, as I am pretty sure google considers most of the Cpayscom2 Online Casino websites as spam..

Let's talk about my blog now, I don't know why I am not ranking better on Yahoo or Google for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I am not yet in the Top 100 on any of these 2 Search Engines... :(

I am not losing hope now, the contest still have 5 full months to go ;)

What I thought is probably Yahoo and Google give much more importance to content unlike MSN, not sure about this yet, but seems that the top10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo are websites talking mostly about online gambling, poker etc. Bah! These SE's are so complicated to understand.

I will try in the coming weeks to get more content related to online casino, online gambling and other stuffs related to this. I don't know a thing about all these and to tell the truth I never even played in a real casino... There's one casino here in my town, I'll go there this week to know a bit how a casino works, well I think online casino will not differ much from real one?

Another thing I noticed is that most of the top10 websites (well the contestant) on all the 3 search engines knows quite a bit about online gambling so I guess they must be the first to have joined the competition, and it's probably the reason why they are ranking well (hehe for now).

My plan for this week:
1- Get some info about online casino, online gambling, poker etc (I'll be thankful if you could share your resources with me)
2- Write 1 more article (too bad I can only write about SEO)
3- Update blog daily (very important, I've updated every 2-3 days and I think I need more content)