Back in Top 5 on MSN

As the title says I am back among the Top 10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I am at position #4 when I checked this morning (some may still see me @ #6 if MSN has't update all its datacenters yet)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino No4 on MSN

Well I am more exactly @ #3 among the contestants since doesn't count for the competition.

One thing I noticed is that my rank is *updated* everytime MSN crawls my blog, last time was the same thing, and seems MSN crawled and updated my cached page after 1 month! which is quite long. is crawled almost every week, maybe because it is now a *very* popular website, with all the links that it has :D

Too bad I hadn't worked on link building for my blog these last weeks, if I knew MSN was going to crawl my blog on the 20th of October I'd tried to get as many links as possible hahaha.

Anyway it will not be easy to get to the #1 position for the first checkpoint (i.e. 1st October) since my friend casinomoney (hello to ya ;) seems to be working hard with his link building.

Note to myself: It doesn't pay to be lazy! pfft :(



9/23/2006 08:29:00 AM

wow! good work, sexygurl! way to go. :)

  Cpayscom2 Online Casino

9/23/2006 07:20:00 PM

Thank you :)

Only a week left for the first checkpoint, that's too close.. haha anyway it's you who's winning so I think it's nice ;)