Cpayscom2 Online Casino Smart SEO Competition?

By now it's pretty obvious that the website will be #1 in MSN for quite some time for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and with all the backlinks that they have (more than 10k) it will be a bit difficult to outrank the website.

What *kinda* shocked me today is this:

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Can you believe it!!! The website is now #1 in MSN for the keyword "SEO" with more than 5million results, that's amazing! is also #1 for many other keywords "seo contest", "online casino seo contest" among others, these are fine but being #1 for "SEO"! That's funny, I'd love to see an average internet user learning about seo and searching for the keyword on msn! :D

Imagine his surprise, poor guy he'll probably think that SEO is just an online contest thingy and he should have the words "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" somewhere on his website!

I think I know the reason why is #1 for "SEO", see the phrase that we added to our website, check who's under the word "seo", you'll get the answer :D Hmm this means that anchor text is something really important, I just checked the website and now the anchor text for is "Search Engine Optimization", hah! let's see how much time it'll take for them to rank for this keyword also.

Bad news for Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestant using blogger.. check this , YES! Blogger will be down *again* today :(