Google Cannot Differentiate Human or Automated Behaviour!

Yes Google thought I am a probably a computer virus or spyware!.. In short google thinks I am automated!

This sound silly but just check this image:

What's the problem with google? Me.. automated? Oh.. uh! Google do come to Mauritius some time (when you are free from automated addiction!), you'll see that I am 100% human!

Here's how I got that message from google:
I was checking how much pages I had indexed for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog by google, I typed in this "" as usual google returned 10 results per page, I wanted to change this to 50 and bang! google thinks I am automated! lol they are funny. IMO this is a really silly and stupid message, if a query like this was automated it would already change the results to 50, don't you think?

Anyway this is really sad that google reacts this way to human behaviour, I am sure future softwares will ressemble more and more to human behaviour, what will google do then?