My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Predictions For The First Checkpoint

Results for Cpayscom2 Online Casino is changing constantly on MSN, yesterday I was @ #3 today I am back at #4, in short there's no way I can get to #1 for this first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint which is just in four days (almost nothing can be done in such little time).

If MSN crawls my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog in these 4 days I'll probably get back to #3 since casinomoney has way much more backlinks than me and I've seen cpays-online-casinos has been crawled and now @ #3 (hehe you took my place).

Ok, the title is talking about the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino Winner prediction (lol just according to the results, I don't know a thing about predictions). If MSN doesn't crawl my blog again I say I'll end up at #5 since that bloglines page is catching up quickly.
So, here are my predictions (Only positions for contestants I will not include

# 1 -
# 2 -
# 3 -
# 4 - (yaay that's ME)
# 5 -
# 6 -
# 7 - (hehe pammer you are catching up quickly) ;)
# 8 -
# 9 -
# 10 -

I have not included oldstylecubs since it doesn't have the required links for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest...

Phew why have I listed 10 when only #1 will win $1000 for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino Checkpoint :p I think I got too much time on my hands, I'd better submit my articles to get some links rather than posting this, but it'll not help since the time the article got accepted and for the SE crawlers to visit the published articles, the Cpayscom2 Online Casino Checkpoint will already be over.

Only 2 days ago (the post before this one) I posted about the Cpayscom2 Online Casino keyword variations today I checked again for some of the keywords and wow SERP changed so much in just 2 days! We never know what other changes there'll be in 4 days, every Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestant still have a chance to win, so, cross fingers and Good Luck to all.