Cpayscom2 Online Casino First Checkpoint, Only A Week Left

Yes only a week left for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, i.e the 1st of October (don't know at what time they will check) , I just had a look at the terms and conditions page and time isn't mentioned for the checkpoint dates.

One week is too short to catch up, lol I'll consider it as $1000 lost! :D Am kidding, but it's kinda fair I don't win this first prize since I joined the competition a bit later than some of the other contestant in the Top 10 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and also my blog is so new compared to others. I've seen many are participating with their entry to the first SEO contest by where the keywords were "cpayscom online casinos", it's obvious that they have better chance than me to win since they already have tons of *related* backlinks (I say related since the keywords for this contest doesn't differ much from the other one).

I was also looking at the cpayscom announcements page, and seen that they removed the latest post where they talked about the potential winner for this first checkpoint and they also mentioned about me (being the female SEO at #3 on MSN for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"). I don't think removed that entry just like that, I am pretty sure (lol must be my female instinct!) it's a contestant who asked them to remove it since it's a link to our blog/website... Anyway it's not really a problem for me, but I was *proud* that they mentioned about me and being a girl in the cpayscom2 contest!! :-)
But since we're talking about links from website it'll be nice to remove the links to the winners of the first contest websites since many are participating with these or cpayscom can also just give the URL but not make the link live. Hmm why am I worrying so much. Let's not be *jealous* as some contestant and concentrate on my blog. (I'll do like casinomoney) hahaha don't worry I am not copying your content I just like the way you think ;) love ya :p

I like to check other contestant's pages from time to time, there's one who seems to be whining about why others are ranking so well, I don't know why he/she is like that, I personally think he/she will not go very far if he/she continues to think this way. I've seen some are following my steps (hehe I know it since I check where I leave my links for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino seo contest). Anyway I really think that in the SEO world you better be friendly than agressive, you'll get much further, and it's better to have friends rather than ennemies...

Hope you are not bored after reading all this ^ :-D
So far I've not done anything yet since yesterday to improve my ranking on MSN, feeling lazy and it's weekend, bah I should stop thinking like this I don't know why I always say I will do this or that tomorrow and we all know the saying "Tomorrow Never Comes"! and it's true since everyday I say tomorrow etc etc.

Last thing, I am still looking for link partners for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino entry, every contestant are most welcome. Check here for more info.