Cpayscom2 Online Casino Keyword Variations

MSN is playing with me! Yes I call it playing, why is the SERP changing so much lately for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, just 3 days ago I posted that I was back in the Top5 on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino well I was at #4 for the contest keyword and that was when MSN crawled my blog MSN was then displaying 43,871 results.

But today I am seeing myself at #3 and MSN hasn't visited my blog again! and now MSN is showing 50,411 results, 7000 new pages in just 3 days! that's amazing.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino #3 on MSN

Seems like MSN wants to surprise me, lol. It's difficult to understand how MSN works since SERP is changing everyday. I thought your rank changes only when MSN crawls your page and updates your cached page, but seems this is wrong!

I also checked where I was ranking for some variations of the keywords "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"
Following details are in this format: Keyword - my rank - # of results

3 words
Cpayscom2 Online Casino - #3 - 50,411
Cpayscom2 Casino Online - #3 - 51,879
Casino Cpayscom2 Online - #2 - 51,790
Casino Online Cpayscom2 - #5 - 53,219
Online Casino Cpayscom2 - #5 - 53,463
Online Cpayscom2 Casino - #4 - 53,489

2 words
Cpayscom2 Casino - #1 - 53,223
Cpayscom2 Online - #9 - 50,811
Casino Cpayscom2 - #4 - 55,570
Online Cpayscom2 - #7 - 56,726

1 word
Cpayscom2 - #9 - 56,585

That's amazing how SERPs can change for such slightly different keyword, well not different just the same words placed in varied places, in the 3 words, all are compilations of Cpayscom2 Online Casino placed differently but see how much the results are different and I am ranking differently for each variation.

Good that I spent some precious time doing this, feels good to know that I am on page one for almost all the variations of the keywords "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" and I am at #1 for at least 'Cpayscom2 Casino'. :-D

Seems everybody is working hard to catch up this last week (well 6 days) before the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint next Sunday 01.10.06. Too late for me haha, casinomoney seems to be keeping his #1 position firmly. It will be more than difficult to outrank him in just 6 days, bah that'll teach me not to be lazy if I want to win something. :)



9/26/2006 01:56:00 PM

holy cow! good work! now you are sending fear to me! Lol! How are ya doing at your job? Good luck.

  sexy gurl

9/26/2006 03:38:00 PM

Haha! You... fear... ME? You must be kidding, you are keeping your #1 position preciously, it's almost *impossibible* to take you from there. So far I have only 56 backlinks showing on MSN and MSN indexed only 22 pages from my blog so, these will not help me much for this first checkpoint.

Because of job I am not getting too much time to contentrate on the competition.. :( Anyway I'll keep updating regularly, it's probably what helped me getting where I am.

  Green Bay Casino

9/10/2008 12:12:00 AM

So it's about backlinks?