MSN Images Live Search

I hate the new MSN live stuff! The web search is fine just like the old thing but have you tried image search? I was trying to see if I could find my pictures when I search Cpayscom2 Online Casino in MSN images, huh! the *thing* was so slow, in fact it slowed my computer, I just hate it.

What's it created with, it looks like flash but I think it's a javascript thingy but I don't know. Anyway before moving to MSN Live they must have thought that not everybody has 1gb memory on their PC or super rapid internet connections, I have only 128kbps! Duh, I know that's super slow :D

MSN should have created a poll to know the average internet speed connection of internet users before moving to live! I am sure many many people are still on dial up! I bet!

Just FYI, I also checked for images on Yahoo and Google for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, but I think these two haven't updated images yet, google image update is done every 3 months if am not wrong. I know images has not much importance in the competition but I felt like checking.. just to see if I optimized my images well :D
I have some of my Cpayscom2 images showing in MSN! Cool ;)

About the competition: Less than 2 weeks left before the first checkpoint and I keep going down in MSN SERP, why? :(
Hmm others must be working harder than me... and all of them have older websites...

*talking to myself* SG what's that??? It's not the time to start losing hope!! You still have 5 months to go and everything can and will change in these 5 months! Courage and say "I must win this 100 times per day" :D lol I feel silly! hahaha