1000 Visitors For My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog

Everybody knows it's too late for me to win the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint now, if only that silly msn bot visited my blog after the 1st of December! :D
I wanna congratulate Dondor for reaching the first position and maybe win that second checkpoint too, I am saying "maybe" because we never know what bloglines can do, 1-2 days before the checkpoint, he's too good at these.

I am happy today because I reached my 1000th visitor for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog (well at least it's what sitemeter says). Right now sitemeter is showing 1002, while statcounter is showing 1014... what's more accurate? I don't know but I guess it's statcounter. Hahaha not bad for a blog "not actually made for general internet users".
In fact I am getting many visitors who came for my "adding favicon to blogger" post but most are from msn while searching for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" of course :D

So, only 4 days left for the second checkpoint now, nothing much can be done on such a short time but still I will try my best :) Got some encouragement from a friend today...

It will be silly to predict anything now since I think it's kinda obvious Dondor will win this checkpoint, nobody can beat his 2000+ backlinks in 4 days and even if they could it might very well get them penalized for getting links too fast.

For the months to come before the contest ends I will use techniques that many are not using or feel too lazy to work on, it's a bit silly just to follow what others are doing, since they did it first and they are ranking well with these so it's not sure that their techniques is going to help me.

Congrats again to Dondor for reaching the first place even without msn bots caching your blog again and Good luck to the Cpayscon2 Online Casino contestants... we never know what can happen in 4 days, after all 4 days is not that short.
4 days = 96hrs = 5760mins = 345600secs!! :D

Try your best everybody

Drop To Third Place For Cpayscom2

Aww, seems like if you don't constantly build your backlinks or if you do not pay attention to your cpayscom2 online casino blog/website you drop day by day.. At least this is what happened to me today, yesterday when I checked I was #2 on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and today I am #3 just after Dondor. I don't know why I dropped but I think it's because I've increased my keyword a bit too much these days.

I think I'll just continue updating as I used to, without trying to have a higher keyword density etc, see.. even yahoo deindexed me because of that. I better be careful and build my links and updating my blog wisely.

There's a blogger blog who seems to stay among the top 10 without much effort... it's oldstylecubs, actually @ #6, this blog has been among the top 10 since the beginning, well I don't know if it was there before I joined too but seems he joined the contest as it started. I guess if he/she updates that blog his ranking will improve as with many irrelevant links he has the 6th position that many contestants seems to be working hard to get.

I want to try to get the maximum pages indexed until the cpayscom2 contest ends in february, so far MSN has indexed 130 of my pages, I want to get at least 1000 pages indexed, don't know if it will be possible since there's only 3 months left until the contest ends, hmm I think I should have blogged a little bit more often, maybe like twice or thrice daily. Anyway I'll try to be a bit more serious about the contest in December...

Blogger Rules MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I was checking MSN ranking today and saw one new blogger blog in the top 10 that means now there's 7 out of the top 10 for cpayscom2 being blogger blogs!
Well this is not only because blogspot is popular, there's also some marketing behind these top rankings, so those who are not using blogger as their cpaycom2 online casino entry cannot be *angry* about our ranking :P J/K

I started to lose interest in the contest now, bloglines seems to know too much about the MSN loopholes :D it's difficult to catch up with him, the best of all you can't check backlinks for bloglines blog on yahoo siteexplorer, he prepared himself very well to win this contest ;)

I read Dondor latest post today, he seem to be quitting the contest? Would be sad not to have him anymore, anyway the contest goes on.

Just a quick recap about my cpayscom2 online casino rankings, I dropped from the first position since 4 days now (when MSN cached my cpayscom2 blog), Yahoo deindexed my blog... I am nowhere to be seen on Google! Hah! Seems like I know nothing about SEO.

I'll try to change some stuffs on my blog and see what happens..

More Changes On MSN For Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Seems like these last days before the second cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint results will keep on changing on MSN. Today I saw bloglines in the first place followed by my then Dondor and Casinomoney. In the fifth position for Cpayscom2 Online Casino there's a google group (the one created by victory365 I think) then 2 other blogger blogs. One thing is for sure MSN loves blogger. 6 out of the Top 10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino are blogger blogs!

Now that I dropped and MSN cached my blog there's not many things I can do to try to get back to the first place for the second cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint but I really hope someone else will win that second checkpoint not bloglines, else it will be more than discouraging for the other contestants. But it's obvious that he will win this one also since he has many backlinks from his older contests entries and as all these contest entries are over SEOd websites, they have lots of value in SEs eyes...

MSN hasn't cached Dondor's blog yet, let's hope that he wins this checkpoint, among the contestants I check their website/blog regularly, Dondor seems to be the one working most on his Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog.

Otherwise if it's really too late for me to get to the first place on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I also want my friend Pammer to win this checkpoint, MSN cached our cpayscom2 blogs on same day (17/11/06), I really hope MSN cache our blogs again, but even if it does I don't think if my rank will improve.

Let's have a look at the actual ranking (Top 10 on 3 main SE)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN.com:
#1 - www.bloglines.com/blog/cpayscom2casino
#2 - cpayscom2onlinecasino-seocontest.blogspot.com
#3 - cpays-online-casinos.blogspot.com
#4 - casinomoney.blogspot.com
#5 - groups.google.com/group/cpayscom2onlinecasino
#6 - oldstylecubs.blogspot.com
#7 - onlinecasinocpayscom2.blogspot.com
#8 - surf-invest.blogspot.com
#9 - www.itexpertscentral.com/cpayscom
#10 - cpayscom2onlinecasino.org/?p= 1

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Google:
#1 - www.cpayscom-online-casinos.drix.co.il/
#2 - cpayscomonline.spaces.live.com/
#3 - cpayscom2online2casino.spaces.live.com/
#4 - www.cpayscom2onlinecasino.com/
#5 - victory365.net/
#6 - www.pokerasyougo.com/CPayscom2-Online-Casino/
#7 - cpayscom2-online.easyforum.fr/
#8 - www.jeffhendricksondesign.com/
#9 - www.cpayscom2onlinecasino.co.uk/
#10 - wordpress.com/tag/cpayscom2-online-casino/

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo:
#1 - www.cpayscom2-online-casino.us
#2 - www.cpayscom2onlinecasino.com
#3 - www.cpayscom2-online-casino.kidumim.com
#4 - www.mapau.ca/faq.html
#5 - www.mapau.ca/keno.html
#6 - www.onlinecasino.ro
#7 - www.cpayscomonlinecasinos.com
#8 - www.hotrapbeats.net
#9 - cpayscom2-online-casino.wealthaire.com
#10 - www.knowyourcasino.com

Ok with Yahoo who deindexed my blog again (I think this is the 3rd time), my drop on MSN 2 weeks before the second checkpoint, my french page who keeps on dropping on MSN.fr... I am a bit sad, not because I'll not win this first checkpoint but this means that I am not a very good SEO, I still have a long way to go before I can call myself an SEO expert :P

One thing I learned about MSN is that only content will not get you to the top, even your links needs to be from good and old sources, you just need to compare Dondor's # of backlinks to the amount that bloglines has... only a quarter! :eek:

You must be asking yourself why I am making this cpayscom2 online casino post as long as possible, it's just a new content techniqur I am trying... :D. Let's say this post is on my homepage, it will be on here until I post 5 more entries then it will go to archives, and the search engines will also cache all my posts individually... I want to have the max content possible for all my Cpaycsom2 Online Casino posts. I will try this new technique for a month (i.e up to end of December). The point of this is to get the maximum of centent not just have many pages indexed, so far MSN indexed 76 of my pages and many of my first posts for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest don't have many content. Yeah yeah I know content is not as important as backlinks but I just want to try this andd see what happens.

Hmm what else can I talk about to make this cpayscom2 online casino post the longest one in history (lol).

Yeah I almost forgot, I think I know why Yahoo deindexed my homepage.. last time also it happened when I changed something in my cpayscom2 online casino blog template, I guess yahoo doesn't like changes too often. I try not to change anything in my blog's template again until the contests ends. Before I've been deindexed I was #2 on Yahoo, let's hope next time I am indexed I go to the first place ;) That would be too cool.

About google I don't have any comments to make, I am still not yet in the top 100, that's pretty funny... have you noticed that Google really love msn blogs? And msn loves blogger? haha why non of them like their own stuff??

Bah... I don't know what else to put here am am feeling tired right now... I'll blog again tomorrow, prepare yourself to read another silly post :P (If you read up to here... well I think you really have nothing else to do) J/K :D

I can only expect a miracle now to win the second Cpaycom2 Online Casino checkpoint :P

Just to make this post a little bit longer here are some Cpayscom2 Online Casino keyword variations along with where I rank for them on MSN.com :P
cpayscom2 online casino - # 2
cpayscom2 casino online - # 2
online cpayscom2 casino - # 1
online casino cpayscom2 - # 1
casino online cpayscom2 - # 1
casino cpayscom2 online - # 1

I think you should try searching for your rank for some of the keyword variations too, it really encourages me to see that I am #1 for some of these :P
Try it too and you will notice that apart from "cpayscom2 online casino" bloglines is not #1 for any of the other keywords, he must have some super techniques to fool MSN to rank his blog for only the main keyword, that's pretty ingenious! bravo bloglines!

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Drop On MSN

As everybody was expecting... it happened earlier than predicted though, I thought I will drop from the Cpayscom2 Online Casino first place one or two days before the checkpoint but it happened differently this time. MSN cached my blog on the 17th of November and I dropped to the second place, congrats to Dondor for tanking the first position, I feel he'll be the winner of this checkpoint ;) And I bet he knows it too, he is #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on almost all MSN countrywise.

Here's what I saw on MSN today for Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Cpayscom2 Online Casino Drop

I am not sad, I am finally relieved from that stress of being #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino :p Good luck with the head aches Dondor :D J/K

The biggest drop so far was for bloglines, wow from #2 to #7! But I really feel he is preparing something for the last days and same thing will happen as for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, he came from nowhere! Do you still remember?

:'( sniff sniff... in fact I am a bit sad, I was really enjoying the first place, anyway I can still brag around that I was #1 for a little bit more than a week for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On Yahoo

As if the MSN drop was not enough, Yahoo! had to be bad with me... AGAIN! Yahoo deindexed my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog again. I think I was enjoying too much being #2 there, anyway I hope next time Yahoo will index me I'll go to the first place ;)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN.co.il

Right now it's the only search engines where I am still #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, probably the MSN datacenters haven't all updated yet as MSN.com and MSN.co.il always have similar results.
Finally I want to congratulate my friend Pammer who is back in the Top 10, he was losing interest in the Cpayscom2 Online Casino lately and now... wow he is more motivated than me to win the contest :p ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Second Checkpoint

Only 15 days left for the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, some Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants seems to be working harder these last days. I am still in the first place for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN, for more than a week now ;) I've been getting some sitewide links for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog lately, hope these will not hurt my ranking, since victory365 had dropped because of this.

For the moment I don't know what more to do to optimize my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog better than I already had. Read Dondor's latest Cpayscom2 Online Casino post today, wow his overconfidence for winning the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint is scaring me :( and his post about Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN countrywise... he's #1 almost everywhere, I am #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino only on MSN.com and MSN.co.il and this also only on MSN live, if you check on MSN beta am #2.
I've studied my competitors cpayscom2 online casino blog/websites a bit, I feel bloglines is preparing something, haha he's been quiet lately, just see, I am sure he will do same thing he did as for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint. Also noticed that Dondor is now also using social bookmarking sites for his posts, let me know if they work for you, so far I got only some visitors from reddit, they don't really help much. Hey Dondor how you planned your work to get that much backlinks for your Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog? Good job ;)

Ok let's forget a bit about the other Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants now, let's talk about me (I mean my blog :D)... Here're my stats for today

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN.com - #1 (47,865)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo.com - #2 (332,000)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Google.com - #176 (632,000)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN.co.il - #1 (48,142)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN.fr - #7 (59,573) seems like my french page is dropping a lot.. I need to update it a bit ;)

So far ranking for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on google seems to be more difficult that the other 2 Search Engines, well maybe because I don't know much about how the Google algo work... I've to read more on this...

This post is mainly for Yahoo :D

Leading Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest For 1 Week Now

Days are passing by so fast but still 2 1/2 weeks left before the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint... Already a week since I am #1 on MSN for the SEO Contest keyword "Cpayscom2 Online Casino", wow very stressful, every day I wake up and ask myself... what am I going to do if am not #1 anymore (scary isn't it?) LOL Na not scary but I'll be sad if I drop now... i.e only 2 weeks before the second checkpoint.

I've noticed that the MSN bots cached the bloglines page today, his rank will probably change today or tomorrow, I noticed that every time the MSN bots visit a Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog or website it rank changes a lot, my blog was cached on 3rd November and I got to the first place on the 3rd itself (when Dondor informed me). Seeing that bloglines hasn't changed, I hope I'll stay some more time in the first place at least till the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint ;)

cpayscom2 online casino

I was using a tool today (which I found on Loki's blog) to check my keyword density, here's what it says for the main keywords:
cpayscom2 online casino - 54 - 6.93%

Wow... Cpayscom2 Online Casino is displayed 54 times on my homepage and only 6.93% density?!? Hmm I guess I should decrease my post length and increase the amount of time I have "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" on my blog. This seems to be the reason for the website ranking #1 on Yahoo, he's at 10% something! Smart ;)

I still haven't found how and why I am #1 on MSN, if I knew it would help me do the same thing to stay on that position, Dondor seems to know what he's been doing wrong (reason for his drop)... hmm for sure he'll not share with me since am one of his competitor LOL. Very complicated to know why I am #1, I have much less backlinks than Dondor, bloglines or any of the other top10 contestants, so definitely links only is not the secret to MSN top rankings... Got to check other factors now, I must find out fast else Dondor will come back to the first place :p

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Little Hours Of Fame For ME

Seems like I am also having right to some hours of fame for Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest... I am, umm I feel shy to say it because I can't really believe it, haha J/K
Yeah you guessed it right, well maybe you saw it too on MSN, hehe I am #1

Me? Yes me!
Cpayscom2 Online Casino MSN number one

Since I am @ that position (Thanks to Dondor to have informed me) I feel kind of scared not to see me there the next day, I think now I know what Dondor must have gone through when he was #1..

I better not brag about it too much, dropping will hurt a lot LOL.
What saddens me a little bit is that I am no more #1 on MSN.fr, I was chatting with my friend Pammer today and I told him that since most of the contestants are fighting for msn.com they put less effort for the other SE, MSN.fr ranks the french pages first and I was #1 with this Cpayscom2 Online Casino page completely in french, now I dropped to the fifth position. I decided to start a new blog in frech only to try to get better ranking on MSN.fr.

Back to MSN.com, the results are changing every time I search... sometimes am seeing myself #1 and the next time am #2 or #3 and most of the times am not seeing myself #1 it's bloglines who's on the throne (I mean the first place)! I think the MSN datacenters haven't all updated yet, so it's not sure yet if am #1 or not. Cross fingers that I am ;)

Now let's see Yahoo.. Hurray my homepage pas been indexed back, and right now am #4 on Yahoo. Has anyone noticed who's #1, pretty funny guy/girl welcoming us to "nothing much"!

Google... hmm I don't want to waste my time with google, I actually don't talk with google, am not yet in the top100, I've noticed that google hates blogger blogs but loves msn live spaces (msn blogs), funny how these silly search engines hate their own stuff!

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Changes on MSN

Wow so many changes lately on MSN.com for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, Dondor is no longer #1, bloglines (apparently he's called netsearch around) is back to #1, looks like he want to win the second checkpoint too :D hehe and nobody seemed to know his MSN secrets, how the hell did he got to the 1st position with so little content and backlinks not increasing much. I kept my third position, casinomoney is back among the Top5 (Nice to have you back ;-)). Many dropped from the top10 to the second page, sad for them but hope they're not discouraged, still 4 full months left to catch up.

Dondor must be sad right now, even if he's not... I am, I read his latest posts today and just like him I also can't understand how he's getting to the 1st position with almost no content, his MSN *secret* must be links... links from pixel ad sites? Don't know his secrets but seems he knows very well what's he's doing.

Now let's see the other search engines. On MSN.fr I dropped a little bit with my Cpayscom2 Online Casino french page, I am now in the 3rd position... lol I was so excited about me being #1! haha anyway I don't really know how I got to the first place, so it'll not be very easy to get back there.

Last thing, I've noticed a lot of new Cpayscom2 Online Casino entries on MSN, so let's wish all the new contestants Good Luck. :)

Que le meilleur gagne ;) (that's french)

Blogging Less Regularly... No Cpayscom2 Online Casino Stuffs To Blog About

I've been a less regular blogger... laziness.... no interesting things to blog about? Don't know much but I think I kinda lost a bit interest in the contest and I've seen same thing from many of the contestants... Anyway the contest will end in February only so I still have plenty of time in front of me to get links and content for the cpayscom2 online casino contest.

Since I've not much stuff to talk about let me remind you of my actual positions on the search engines:
MSN.com - #3 (bloglines is now #2)
MSN.co.il - #3 (same as .com)
MSN.fr - #2 (cpays.fr is #1)

google - #302
yahoo - my homepage has not been reindexed yet

Concerning other contestants, Dondor is still #1, good job :)
I've not been checking much on the other pages, my friend pammer is @ #13 and casinomoney in the 10th position nice to see that he's still in the top 10 :)

Now back to my cpayscom2 online casino blog, I am looking for new ways to get links, it's hard to get directory links since not many around will approve your link. Still I am building my links without spending a cent, let's see what it gives in the end, feels competing with some who are spending lots of $$ to get higher rankings.

I must make it an obligation to post daily, how you guys (those who post daily) do? Where you get inspiration from? :D

Haha just don't pay too much attention to what I say... feeling so sleepy right now.