SERP For Cpayscom2 Online Casino Increasing Rapidly

I've been busy with work lately and I don't have much time working on the blog, that's bad because others are working hard... If I continue this way I'll probably be out of the SERP :D hmm I don't want this to happen :p

I was checking the SE's today and wow what a big change in the SERPs. Only last week there was much less results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"

Just to compare:
27.08.06 - 25,241
04.09.06 - 34,946

27.08.06 - 89,800
04.09.06 - 225,000

27.08.06 - 93,000
04.09.06 - 348,000

Really big change in 1 week! Must be all the new pages that the SEs crawled with the keyword "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". Well I think the more competition the better, even if I don't win (which I probably will not.. too many SEO gurus in this competition) this contest will help me improve my SEO skills.

I wrote an article about SEO: Good SEO Strategies, I'd link to know what you think about it, feel free to leave comments. Don't worry I never delete legit comments even if it's against me, only SPAM are deleted.