Cpayscom2 Online Casino Stats After 4 Weeks In The Competition

Blogger has been down many many hours this week, let's see how much this affected my SERPs. I have to mention that SERP keep increasing day by day, with more than 1000/week for Cpayscom2 Online Casino.

Where am I in MSN? With the new MSN live search, MSN seems to be a little bit more stable now. I am @ #6 on MSN (well #5 since doesn't count). Results increased by 2000 since I last checked MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino.. Now showing 47,382, probably all the pages MSN has just indexed and all new contestants entering the competition.

I'll have to work really very hard if I want to win that first $1,000! :D Anyway I am way too far from #1 and the top sites aready have much more backlinks than me, and we all know that MSN counts "every" backlinks to your website even if it's not really related to your content.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I am actually @ position #348 in Google over 433,000 results Google is actually showing for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I remember I was @ 335 some days ago, lol just a little drop! :D

But that's a bit weird since Google doesn't usually update SERP very often, at least once a month or so. hmm

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

My feeds seems to be ranked better than my blog :) It's at position #43 in Google

Cpayscom2 Online Casino
What will happen if my feeds end up at #1 when the competition? Will I win :D LOL

Finally let's check Yahoo! Hmm I don't worry much about Yahoo, according to me it's the most *complicated* SE among the big 3.
I am @ position 215 in Yahoo.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I don't have any website with high PR to add links to my blog else this would have helped me much in Google. Just FYI I haven't bought any link for my blog, all comes from Forum signature links or the little article submissions I've done. I got to find some other ways to create links if I want to win ;)