No More Links From

I checked the announcements page today and I saw that they removed all links to Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestents page, even the link to the first cpayscom checkpoint... Why?

I am not sure but I think cpayscom visited Dondor's blog and since he's constantly talking about giving links to contestants, maybe they understood it's better to not give it at all and I personally think it's better this way and nobody will be jealous :p

Some might think that the link from website helped me to get to the top5 on MSN, hmm let's see in some days when the MSN bots will visit my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog (the last visit was on the 20th October) :) Just FYI, I am mostly relying on content (and onsite optimization) for my ranking since I don't have too much time to build links... unfortunately. Anyway if you wish to support me (probably the only girl in the contest) have a look here to add the link to your website :)
update (26/10/06)
Hmm I got to update this post :p, well I just said I was the only girl since I haven't seen many around... and even if there were hundreds of other girls participating in the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, we're still in the minority, thanks for letting me know Dondor :)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Surprise On

Well well well, what else can I say other than a surprise... Hmm what I am talking about is my new position on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I am now seeing myself at #2 ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Ehem... this is proof that links only doesn't rule MSN, but this doesn't mean you don't need links.
Now I really need to get more links if I want to be #1, Dondor (cpays-online-casinos) has both links and content, he actually has some 1500+ backlinks on MSN, I have ONLY about 200... :( Help me... link to me with the following code:

Link will look like this: CPayscom2 Online Casino

I was extremely happy seing myself @ the 2nd position today, I was a bit scared I'd drop in ranking when MSN bots visits my blog since I have only about 200 backlinks, seems my content helped, but I better be on my guard, bloglines seems to know MSN secrets don't know what other trick he has for the last days before the checkpoint :p No Longer Leads The Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, and is now freed (well at least for the first place) from who has been in the first position for quite some time (more than a month), some contestants, including me, are quite happy about this rank drop, at least now the #1 contestant just have to say he's #1 not #2... haha. is now #6 on and for the keywords Cpayscom2 Online Casino. This shows that links only doesn't rule MSN, maybe it can boost your ranking *for some time* but then you'll fall really bad in ranking. We all know that the bloglines blog is only relying on links, he'll be sad when he'll start dropping... I don't know what other MSN secret he's discovered, but whatever it is, I hope MSN doesn't penalize him for that.

I don't know if you have noticed it too but some days ago MSN and live were showing different results, now it's same. Actually both are showing 58,203 results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". is showing 65,213 results, why? Hmm I think it's displaying both frech pages and english pages but giving more importance to french pages, by the way is not in the top 10 on which is quite encouraging. I am actually #1 on with my french page ;). Now that I think about it, this page has no backlinks... this shows that content does have value.

Quick Stats (My Ranking)

SE - No of results - My Rank - 58,203 - #3 - 55,346 - #3 - 65,231 - #1 - 675,000 - #175 something - 424,000 - nowhere to be seen, in fact yahoo deindexed my blog... why? :(

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On Google

Is Google stupid? I think YES! You are probably checking google regularly for Cpayscom2 Online Casino to see where you rank (I do weekly since I am not in the top 10 :p)
Hmm what's my point in saying this...

Well this is what I get on google @ position #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Google
which redirects to this:
Not even an entry to the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, and doesn't even contain the main keywords i.e. "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". Don't know what gambling search engine.

Now tell me that google is the best SE out there!!

About Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN
You must have seen it too... the bloglines blog is no longer in the second position (i.e. #1 among the Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants), the position is now occupied by Dondor (good job)! At least now it's someone that deserves the place, we know he puts much effort to rank there.

Good Luck to everybody who just jointed or recently entered the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest. :)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On

I've been a less regular blogger since the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, maybe I am a bit discouraged seeing the first winner (having no content). But what can I do, I am a 100% white hat so I still believe content is king, well you also need backlinks, in short you need a mixture of the two.. even if links rule on MSN, so let's concentrate on content also for Cpayscom2 Online Casino as we also have to rank on Google (where content matters) and Yahoo.

More than 2-3 times/day I check my rank on to see where I am since results are constantly changing, I check all these times since I am among the top 10 (feels good to be among the top 5 also) :D I dont't usually check on other search engines as I am not on the first pages... haha (I know I have a silly way of thinking) what can I do, I don't like to waste my time daily to only see that I am @ 100 or 200+ huh
I check google, yahoo, and once a week or every fortnight.

I got a little surprise today while looking for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog on Yeah I am @ position #2 (just after so I am #1 among the contestants, really cool! The ranked page is my french page for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

That was a nice surprise, hope I'll keep this rank until the 1st of February..

Getting Directory Links For Your Cpayscom2 Online Casino Entry

I just read the latest blog entry of the fatinfo directory and I have to agree with what is said, before submitting to directories I tried to make my blog as informative as possible and many must have noticed I have not only talked about the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest I wrote about many other stuffs, e.g how to add your favicon to blogger and SEO articles. I hesitated before submitting to directories since I also hate SPAM... but then I saw so many directories who accepted Cpayscom2 Online Casino entries, so I submitted to some (15 so far), I could have submitted to more but I wanted to see first if I was approved or not before going further.

I received one or two clicks from fatinfo directory where my blog is listed, and I want to say thank you to the directory owner to have approved my blog.

Why I am submitting to directories?
I didn't really want to submit my cpayscom2 online casino blog to directories but I don't have much other ways to get links to my blog :(
See the first checkpoint winner, he's been buying lots of quality links, but I don't have $ to spend on the contest.. I plan to get free links for my cpayscom2 online casino entry, i.e through article submissions, directories and link partners.

What directories can do about seo contest website submissions?
Seeing fatinfo directory I am sure tons of other directories have received seo contest entry submissions, nobody can really prevent these submissions. I thought it would be a good idea to get a category for seo contests, don't you think then just delete the links when the contest is over? Submission rules can be same as other categories, that is only best websites/blogs are approved. It's just an idea and this way it might not be looked as SPAM. hmmm

About the contest. Where am I standing on the search engines?
I am actually #4 on MSN just after Dondor who is @ #3, casinomoney dropped in ranking lately he's now @ #5.
Nowhere to be seen on google and @ #321 on Yahoo! (wow I dropped on Yahoo, I rememer last time I checked I was at 200 something)
Anyway I've to work harder now itself not wait for the last days before the second checkpoint, that's what happened with the first cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint and see what happened... I LOST! haha

I was going to share some SEO tips but after reading the 1st checkpoint winner interview and after seeing his blog and having a little idea of his techniques I think my SEO techniques needs to be revised! But I don't think he's 100% right in his ways because it might work for SEO Contests page but maybe not for "real" websites, pfft I don't understand much right now, got to study a bit more. All I know is that MSN is nuts, crap sites can rank much better than informative ones!

No Value For Content In The Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest?

I think I am right saying that content has not much value for SEO Contests and we've seen it with the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint some days ago... The bloglines blog has almost no content, what he's been concentrating on is getting tons of links from trusted sources, I put trusted in bold since many get this backlink thing wrong, that is you need to get backlinks from clean sites not crap (illegal, sex sites etc)

Just have a look at the backlinks for the bloglines blog, showing 1000+ now, and all from good sources, hmm he probably got $$$ to spend on links.. (I plan on working on only free links)

I just had a look at the announcements on, the interview with the cpayscom2 online casino first checkpoint winner, he has lots of experience with SEO Contests, he participated in almost all that has been organised and he won a lot too, it will be hard to compete with him. He also has much more experience in SEO than me (4-5 years) while I have only some months...

Ok, let's now stop whining which will lead me nowhere, I've been a bit discouraged when I saw the first checkpoint winner but now I think he kinda deserve it, content is not the only thing to rank well, backlinks from trusted sources is also very important. Hmm a bit difficult to get tons of "trusted" backlinks if you don't have $$$ to invest, anyway I take it as a challenge now, it will not be easy but that's what makes the cpayscom2 online casino seo contest more exciting.

Winner Of First CPayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest Checkpoint Announced

The winner of the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint was announced on some minutes ago, yes it's the bloglines page... everybody (even me) was expecting casinomoney to win this one.

Just too bad MSN didn't vist me again, better luck next time, now I need to work harder for the December checkpoint.

One thing I have noticed is that MSN doesn't give much importance to content, see the bloglines blog, it has only 4-5 posts, so in short for MSN links has more value than content and it doesn't seem to matter whether the backlinks are related or not to your website's content.

Anyway congratulations to the winner ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino First Checkpoint In Some Hours

Only some hours left for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, too bad MSN bots didn't vist my blog again, I am sure I'd land up in the second position :D J/K

Hmm nothing can be done in 3 hours... I set my computer time to GMT only to know how much time is left for the first checkpoint. It's pretty obvious now that the winner for this checkpoint is going to be the bloglines page. Really sad for casinomoney, I predicted he'll win this $1000 and on the cpayscom latest announcements they mentioned him as being the potential winner for this first cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint.

Some other news... PR is updating, victory365 seems to have noticed it before everybody, nice catch, it's only yesterday that I started to see some changes on some websites. I also noticed that some of the contestants blogs are getting higher PR, casinomoney jumped from PR0 to PR4, cpay online casinos was PR3 now PR4. I will stay PR0 at this update lol, probably because my blog is too new. No worry about PR it'll not help in any way for ranking I was just informing you. If your new PR is not showing yet on the google toolbar you can try this tool to check your PR on various Google Datacenters.

Hmm 10:04 PM GMT right now, around 2 hours left... I am going to sleep now (2:04AM mauritian time) Gonna congratulate the winner tomorrow :p

Edit: I just checked MSN and results changed so much, is no longer at #1 for cpayscom2 online casino, I am now at #5... why doesn't the MSN bots visit my blog lol, so many websites jumbed from nowhere, casinomoney is not @ #3

cpayscom2 online casino

..... $1000 lost .....