What Is This SPAM Site?

I found this today while searching for my blog in Google:
Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Ok, this whdbqj[dot]org is a SPAM site, if you go to that page directly it shows "404"
All the pages by this site are subdomains, like in the picture above, google actually shows 539 results for this site
Cpayscom2 Online Casino
155 on Yahoo site explorer and 59 from MSN
Google is always faster displaying lots of pages from SPAM sites.. check this

You might have noticed also that all the results are Casino related!! What's the point of this type of site? Is it there to try to penalize sites by linking to them? Can somebody please shed some light?

That site was registered on the 26th of August. More Whois Data here.
Just check one of it's pages, looks just like google but scroll down, you might see some text from your casino website.



9/07/2006 12:37:00 PM

Lol! You also got spam hit? :) Stay cool, except if you are ranking in Google. Good luck, gurl!