My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog On Google

Apparently google doesn't like me very much, I am actually at #258 on google for Cpayscom2 Online Casino , I don't know why I am not ranking better on Google for cpayscom2 :( It's probably because it's now a *competitive* keyword?

I seem to be ranking much better for the cpayscom2 online casino keyword variation like I did for MSN. On google also with just a little change in the word place and the result is very different, I searched for the same keywords as I did on MSN, well on google I am not on the first page for most of the cpayscom2 online casino variations, so I won't bother looking where I am.

I am ranking only for one or two of these cpayscom2 online casino variations:
Cpayscom2 - #4 (795,000)
Online Cpayscom2 - #1 (719,000) lol seeing me #1 for this *non targeted* keyword gives me courage to work harder :p
Cpayscom2 Online - #2 (764,000)

Google is so weird, see I am #4 for "cpayscom2" #2 for "cpayscom2 online" and #258 for "cpayscom2 online casino", wow what a big jump! I hope to be ranking batter in some days or weeks...

I am talking about google to take my thoughts away from thinking about the 1st cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint which is in TOMORROW! Yes it's already Saturday here in Mauritius (12:53 am) as I am writing this, there's almost around 28 hours left (GMT) for the first checkpoint. Haha! I don't know why I am kinda *stressed*.. checking MSN constantly to see where I am when I know I don't really stand a chance for this first checkpoint.

But it's fun to see how results for cpayscom2 online casino is constantly changing on MSN these last few days, casinomoney lost his #2 position, the bloglines page jumped from #5 to #2, I've been moving in the 3-5 positions now am at #4. #1 position is still for, it will be very difficult for any contestant to remove them from there, their backlinks are increasing day by day with new contestants joining the cpayscom2 online casino seo contest, it seems they'll keep this position for quite a long time.

The countdown started, let's see what happens in a little bit more than 24 hours, I just had a look at the cpayscom latest announcements, the post where they talked about *me* and casinomoney is back, and their latest post they talked about the potential winner *casinomoney* ;) that was a week ago, in just a week that bloglines page took his place. LOL, let's see what can happen in 24 hours, have fun :D