Nearly Lost My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog

I posted recently about some ways in which you can backup your blogger post, the reason I posted this was that I was scared as hell to lose my Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog.

Yes it happened! Blogger thought my blog was SPAM! I had the word verification turned on when I was posting.. As I saw this I asked for a blog review and fortunately yesterday I got a mail from blogger, my blog has been reviewed and no longer viewed as a potential spam blog..

I was so happy, pheewww thank god they didn't delete it! Thank you blogger :)

Now let's try to understand why blogger flagged my blog?
1 - I've not been using any spammy techniques to post to my blog.
2 - I only have unique content (well everything is written by me)
3 - My blog is NOT an mfa.. I only have the link banner hmmm

I tried to find out but I could only come to conclusion that it can be the keywords "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" that got my blog flagged.. maybe not the word cpayscom2 but "online casino" or maybe I have been posting a bit too much the first days I entered the competition (sometimes 2-3 posts/day).

For this not to happen again I decided to post only one entry/day or every 2-3 days, hope blogger will not flag me again! :D I's really like to know how it's going with other Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestant using blogger as their entry.