Cpayscom2 Online Casino Changed Look

Most of my frequent readers must remember the last template I used for my blog, well it looked a bit distorted if I am viewing only one post. Most of the sidebar links and tools will go completely at the end.. So I changed my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog template.

I decided to change to this green one, I think it's better to the eyes and also I've not seen other contestants using this one (at least none of the ones ranking well in the Search Engines) :D

I've also *tried* to change the favicon, like the *labnol* or *One Red Paperclip* blogspot blogs did (and many others of course), I know it's funny, in fact it's supposed to be a dollar sign (just in case you didn't notice).

I got some new stuffs to post and some tools that I want to share, I will not have much time today, maybe I'll do it later in the afternoon.

Some quick stats:
I've not been updating by blog the last 2 days.. didn't have much time, I must be more serious with this if I want to win ;)

Rank in
Google: 323
MSN: 6
Yahoo!: I didn't check (well am not in the first 200)
I've also checked my Alexa Rank: 1,516,497 Wow I remember some days ago I was 3000000 or something.