Cpayscom2 Online Casino First Checkpoint In Some Hours

Only some hours left for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, too bad MSN bots didn't vist my blog again, I am sure I'd land up in the second position :D J/K

Hmm nothing can be done in 3 hours... I set my computer time to GMT only to know how much time is left for the first checkpoint. It's pretty obvious now that the winner for this checkpoint is going to be the bloglines page. Really sad for casinomoney, I predicted he'll win this $1000 and on the cpayscom latest announcements they mentioned him as being the potential winner for this first cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint.

Some other news... PR is updating, victory365 seems to have noticed it before everybody, nice catch, it's only yesterday that I started to see some changes on some websites. I also noticed that some of the contestants blogs are getting higher PR, casinomoney jumped from PR0 to PR4, cpay online casinos was PR3 now PR4. I will stay PR0 at this update lol, probably because my blog is too new. No worry about PR it'll not help in any way for ranking I was just informing you. If your new PR is not showing yet on the google toolbar you can try this tool to check your PR on various Google Datacenters.

Hmm 10:04 PM GMT right now, around 2 hours left... I am going to sleep now (2:04AM mauritian time) Gonna congratulate the winner tomorrow :p

Edit: I just checked MSN and results changed so much, is no longer at #1 for cpayscom2 online casino, I am now at #5... why doesn't the MSN bots visit my blog lol, so many websites jumbed from nowhere, casinomoney is not @ #3

cpayscom2 online casino

..... $1000 lost .....