Backup Your Blogger Posts

You maybe asking yourself why I am posting this... But I think most people who will be reading this already know the reason (that's why you are here) :p

Ok let's start with a little bit explanation. We all know blogger is a free service and we can expect anything to happen since we don't "legally" own the blog. So in short blogger can in a way or another do anything they want since they are offering the service free.

My suggestion is to keep a backup of all your blog posts, that's not very difficult to do. I've read on some forums that blogger can delete your blog without notice, so it's better you take some precautions.

I've spent like 30-45 minutes today to backup all my cpayscom2 online casino blog posts (I have 27 posts so far). This is what I have done:

1- Create a folder for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, and named it "Posts"
2- Create subfolders for each month (e.g "august 06", "september 2006") any name you want as long as it's make things easy for you.
3- Open your posts one by one as if to edit them, copy the html part (Next to "Compose" on top right)
4- Paste the text in notepad.
5- Save your file (don't forget to number them)

There may be some other ways in which you can back up your posts but so far I've found this one better for me. If you know some other ways better to back up posts, feel free to share with me :)

I forgot to mention, when you backup your posts, you will not be able to keep your comments.. obviously :D

EDIT (09/11/06): You can also enable email notification, it won't work for older posts. So, in short, your posts will be emailed to you as it is published.

How to enable it:
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Just put the address where you want the post emailed.

Ok, there's also the "email to a friend" function but it just send a link to the actual post, so it doesn't really work.

EDIT (09/12/06): I don't know if this one will help much but I think it's good to add it, I created a new wordpress account today and imported all my blogger posts there and set the blog privacy to invisble to search engines (so that I don't have to worry about duplicate content).

This is the first time I did this so I don't really know if it works well. I'll try to export my blogger posts to wordpress after every 5-10, don't know yet if it will overwrite the existing posts or it will create double posts.. The good point is that wordpress also import your posts comments.

Feel free to share your tips with me :)



9/10/2006 02:14:00 PM

Set you post to 999. Save and view your blog. you will see all ur posts up to 999 posts. save the html code as backup. after done, set the post back to original number.

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9/10/2006 04:02:00 PM

I've already back up all my posts yesterday, thanks for sharing this. But this way you will get to save the template and all posts in only 1 file right? I kept the html of all posts seperately.
I've started backing up just in case, we never know what can happen with blogger.


9/11/2006 07:06:00 AM

yep, but since we would still have to post each entry all over again when recovered from backup, there is no advantage in saving the posts one by one. actually, save the whole template is faster and time saving. you are right about the blogger though. i have one friend who got her blog hacked and all here entries gone. She has no backup so it was frustating to rebuild everything. well, we never know! Lol. Be prepare all blogger users.

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9/12/2006 01:10:00 AM

Awww that's sad, maybe she can get some of her posts from search engines cache?
But I think getting your account hacked is one thing but there are also some other factors than can lead blogger to delete your blog. You must have noticed that I removed the navbar, and I'll suggest you to do the same (others can flag your blog as spam)! I don't know how much time your blog is flagged till blogger deletes it.
I will posts some blogger tips about these stuff when I get some time. Hey you are really doing great, did you see that mentioned about you (well me also :p) in their latest post ;)