Blogging Less Regularly... No Cpayscom2 Online Casino Stuffs To Blog About

I've been a less regular blogger... laziness.... no interesting things to blog about? Don't know much but I think I kinda lost a bit interest in the contest and I've seen same thing from many of the contestants... Anyway the contest will end in February only so I still have plenty of time in front of me to get links and content for the cpayscom2 online casino contest.

Since I've not much stuff to talk about let me remind you of my actual positions on the search engines: - #3 (bloglines is now #2) - #3 (same as .com) - #2 ( is #1)

google - #302
yahoo - my homepage has not been reindexed yet

Concerning other contestants, Dondor is still #1, good job :)
I've not been checking much on the other pages, my friend pammer is @ #13 and casinomoney in the 10th position nice to see that he's still in the top 10 :)

Now back to my cpayscom2 online casino blog, I am looking for new ways to get links, it's hard to get directory links since not many around will approve your link. Still I am building my links without spending a cent, let's see what it gives in the end, feels competing with some who are spending lots of $$ to get higher rankings.

I must make it an obligation to post daily, how you guys (those who post daily) do? Where you get inspiration from? :D

Haha just don't pay too much attention to what I say... feeling so sleepy right now.