Leading Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest For 1 Week Now

Days are passing by so fast but still 2 1/2 weeks left before the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint... Already a week since I am #1 on MSN for the SEO Contest keyword "Cpayscom2 Online Casino", wow very stressful, every day I wake up and ask myself... what am I going to do if am not #1 anymore (scary isn't it?) LOL Na not scary but I'll be sad if I drop now... i.e only 2 weeks before the second checkpoint.

I've noticed that the MSN bots cached the bloglines page today, his rank will probably change today or tomorrow, I noticed that every time the MSN bots visit a Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog or website it rank changes a lot, my blog was cached on 3rd November and I got to the first place on the 3rd itself (when Dondor informed me). Seeing that bloglines hasn't changed, I hope I'll stay some more time in the first place at least till the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint ;)

cpayscom2 online casino

I was using a tool today (which I found on Loki's blog) to check my keyword density, here's what it says for the main keywords:
cpayscom2 online casino - 54 - 6.93%

Wow... Cpayscom2 Online Casino is displayed 54 times on my homepage and only 6.93% density?!? Hmm I guess I should decrease my post length and increase the amount of time I have "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" on my blog. This seems to be the reason for the website ranking #1 on Yahoo, he's at 10% something! Smart ;)

I still haven't found how and why I am #1 on MSN, if I knew it would help me do the same thing to stay on that position, Dondor seems to know what he's been doing wrong (reason for his drop)... hmm for sure he'll not share with me since am one of his competitor LOL. Very complicated to know why I am #1, I have much less backlinks than Dondor, bloglines or any of the other top10 contestants, so definitely links only is not the secret to MSN top rankings... Got to check other factors now, I must find out fast else Dondor will come back to the first place :p