Cpayscom2 Online Casino Little Hours Of Fame For ME

Seems like I am also having right to some hours of fame for Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest... I am, umm I feel shy to say it because I can't really believe it, haha J/K
Yeah you guessed it right, well maybe you saw it too on MSN, hehe I am #1

Me? Yes me!
Cpayscom2 Online Casino MSN number one

Since I am @ that position (Thanks to Dondor to have informed me) I feel kind of scared not to see me there the next day, I think now I know what Dondor must have gone through when he was #1..

I better not brag about it too much, dropping will hurt a lot LOL.
What saddens me a little bit is that I am no more #1 on, I was chatting with my friend Pammer today and I told him that since most of the contestants are fighting for they put less effort for the other SE, ranks the french pages first and I was #1 with this Cpayscom2 Online Casino page completely in french, now I dropped to the fifth position. I decided to start a new blog in frech only to try to get better ranking on

Back to, the results are changing every time I search... sometimes am seeing myself #1 and the next time am #2 or #3 and most of the times am not seeing myself #1 it's bloglines who's on the throne (I mean the first place)! I think the MSN datacenters haven't all updated yet, so it's not sure yet if am #1 or not. Cross fingers that I am ;)

Now let's see Yahoo.. Hurray my homepage pas been indexed back, and right now am #4 on Yahoo. Has anyone noticed who's #1, pretty funny guy/girl welcoming us to "nothing much"!

Google... hmm I don't want to waste my time with google, I actually don't talk with google, am not yet in the top100, I've noticed that google hates blogger blogs but loves msn live spaces (msn blogs), funny how these silly search engines hate their own stuff!



11/09/2006 02:15:00 PM

Lol, way to go girl! :) Good work!

  Cpayscom2 Online Casino

11/11/2006 05:43:00 PM

:D thank you casinomoney, it's very stressful to be at that position LOL

Nice to have you back among the top 10 ;)
You have any idea what could have caused your drop?