1000 Visitors For My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog

Everybody knows it's too late for me to win the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint now, if only that silly msn bot visited my blog after the 1st of December! :D
I wanna congratulate Dondor for reaching the first position and maybe win that second checkpoint too, I am saying "maybe" because we never know what bloglines can do, 1-2 days before the checkpoint, he's too good at these.

I am happy today because I reached my 1000th visitor for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog (well at least it's what sitemeter says). Right now sitemeter is showing 1002, while statcounter is showing 1014... what's more accurate? I don't know but I guess it's statcounter. Hahaha not bad for a blog "not actually made for general internet users".
In fact I am getting many visitors who came for my "adding favicon to blogger" post but most are from msn while searching for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" of course :D

So, only 4 days left for the second checkpoint now, nothing much can be done on such a short time but still I will try my best :) Got some encouragement from a friend today...

It will be silly to predict anything now since I think it's kinda obvious Dondor will win this checkpoint, nobody can beat his 2000+ backlinks in 4 days and even if they could it might very well get them penalized for getting links too fast.

For the months to come before the contest ends I will use techniques that many are not using or feel too lazy to work on, it's a bit silly just to follow what others are doing, since they did it first and they are ranking well with these so it's not sure that their techniques is going to help me.

Congrats again to Dondor for reaching the first place even without msn bots caching your blog again and Good luck to the Cpayscon2 Online Casino contestants... we never know what can happen in 4 days, after all 4 days is not that short.
4 days = 96hrs = 5760mins = 345600secs!! :D

Try your best everybody


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1/23/2007 12:58:00 AM

This Cpayscom2 Online Casino post also stayed PR0 at the last PR update, weird google hun, anyway I don't really care about PR, am just bored am feel like playing around with the comments, it'll be as updating my Cpayscom2 posts also... what you think?