No More Links From

I checked the announcements page today and I saw that they removed all links to Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestents page, even the link to the first cpayscom checkpoint... Why?

I am not sure but I think cpayscom visited Dondor's blog and since he's constantly talking about giving links to contestants, maybe they understood it's better to not give it at all and I personally think it's better this way and nobody will be jealous :p

Some might think that the link from website helped me to get to the top5 on MSN, hmm let's see in some days when the MSN bots will visit my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog (the last visit was on the 20th October) :) Just FYI, I am mostly relying on content (and onsite optimization) for my ranking since I don't have too much time to build links... unfortunately. Anyway if you wish to support me (probably the only girl in the contest) have a look here to add the link to your website :)
update (26/10/06)
Hmm I got to update this post :p, well I just said I was the only girl since I haven't seen many around... and even if there were hundreds of other girls participating in the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, we're still in the minority, thanks for letting me know Dondor :)