Cpayscom2 Online Casino Drop On MSN

As everybody was expecting... it happened earlier than predicted though, I thought I will drop from the Cpayscom2 Online Casino first place one or two days before the checkpoint but it happened differently this time. MSN cached my blog on the 17th of November and I dropped to the second place, congrats to Dondor for tanking the first position, I feel he'll be the winner of this checkpoint ;) And I bet he knows it too, he is #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on almost all MSN countrywise.

Here's what I saw on MSN today for Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Cpayscom2 Online Casino Drop

I am not sad, I am finally relieved from that stress of being #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino :p Good luck with the head aches Dondor :D J/K

The biggest drop so far was for bloglines, wow from #2 to #7! But I really feel he is preparing something for the last days and same thing will happen as for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, he came from nowhere! Do you still remember?

:'( sniff sniff... in fact I am a bit sad, I was really enjoying the first place, anyway I can still brag around that I was #1 for a little bit more than a week for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On Yahoo

As if the MSN drop was not enough, Yahoo! had to be bad with me... AGAIN! Yahoo deindexed my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog again. I think I was enjoying too much being #2 there, anyway I hope next time Yahoo will index me I'll go to the first place ;)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on

Right now it's the only search engines where I am still #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, probably the MSN datacenters haven't all updated yet as and always have similar results.
Finally I want to congratulate my friend Pammer who is back in the Top 10, he was losing interest in the Cpayscom2 Online Casino lately and now... wow he is more motivated than me to win the contest :p ;)