Drop To Third Place For Cpayscom2

Aww, seems like if you don't constantly build your backlinks or if you do not pay attention to your cpayscom2 online casino blog/website you drop day by day.. At least this is what happened to me today, yesterday when I checked I was #2 on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and today I am #3 just after Dondor. I don't know why I dropped but I think it's because I've increased my keyword a bit too much these days.

I think I'll just continue updating as I used to, without trying to have a higher keyword density etc, see.. even yahoo deindexed me because of that. I better be careful and build my links and updating my blog wisely.

There's a blogger blog who seems to stay among the top 10 without much effort... it's oldstylecubs, actually @ #6, this blog has been among the top 10 since the beginning, well I don't know if it was there before I joined too but seems he joined the contest as it started. I guess if he/she updates that blog his ranking will improve as with many irrelevant links he has the 6th position that many contestants seems to be working hard to get.

I want to try to get the maximum pages indexed until the cpayscom2 contest ends in february, so far MSN has indexed 130 of my pages, I want to get at least 1000 pages indexed, don't know if it will be possible since there's only 3 months left until the contest ends, hmm I think I should have blogged a little bit more often, maybe like twice or thrice daily. Anyway I'll try to be a bit more serious about the contest in December...


  Cpayscom2 Online Casino

1/23/2007 01:09:00 AM

Woohoo this cpayscom2 online casino post also has got PR 3, hmm I think I shoud make a new cpayscom2 online casino posts about all my pages who has got some PR at the last google PR update, that'd get them some links from the homepage.. hah my cpayscom2 online casino blog homepage is only PR0!

Anyway who cares about what PR my blog pages have got, am so bored really don't pay attention to what you read on this blog.

BTW I dropped again to the third place on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino. Seems there's no way am gonna win this Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest eh, wanna help? Just link back to this blog with "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" as anchor text. :D who's gonna read this before the contest ends... bah