Second Cpayscom2 Online Casino Checkpoint Won By Whom?

My calender is showing 2 December here (yeah am GMT +4) and I haven't seen anywhere yet who is the winner of the second cpayscom2 online casino seo contest checkpoint :eek:
Is it Dondor or bloglines? Every time I was refreshing the results were changing, once I will see Dondor number one on msn and next time it is bloglines...

I also checked the cpayscom website but seems the second checkpoint winner has not been announced yet.

Noticed some changes on bloglines blog, he says his ranking is only due to links, well I think he's right now... I'll start working harder on my links than on content...


  Cpayscom2 Online Casino

1/23/2007 12:53:00 AM

Cool this Cpayscom2 Online Casino post has got PR3 at the last Google PR update, amazing isn't it... when you taka into consideration that my home page is still PR0! eek