No Longer Leads The Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, and is now freed (well at least for the first place) from who has been in the first position for quite some time (more than a month), some contestants, including me, are quite happy about this rank drop, at least now the #1 contestant just have to say he's #1 not #2... haha. is now #6 on and for the keywords Cpayscom2 Online Casino. This shows that links only doesn't rule MSN, maybe it can boost your ranking *for some time* but then you'll fall really bad in ranking. We all know that the bloglines blog is only relying on links, he'll be sad when he'll start dropping... I don't know what other MSN secret he's discovered, but whatever it is, I hope MSN doesn't penalize him for that.

I don't know if you have noticed it too but some days ago MSN and live were showing different results, now it's same. Actually both are showing 58,203 results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". is showing 65,213 results, why? Hmm I think it's displaying both frech pages and english pages but giving more importance to french pages, by the way is not in the top 10 on which is quite encouraging. I am actually #1 on with my french page ;). Now that I think about it, this page has no backlinks... this shows that content does have value.

Quick Stats (My Ranking)

SE - No of results - My Rank - 58,203 - #3 - 55,346 - #3 - 65,231 - #1 - 675,000 - #175 something - 424,000 - nowhere to be seen, in fact yahoo deindexed my blog... why? :(