A Little Bit About Me :)

I've been having some visitors lately, you are surely wondering.. "Who is in Position 3 in MSN?" :d

Not very easy to talk about myself, ok let's start. I am Sexy Gurl :D (will tell my real name only if I win), I am 21 years young (ok ok I know I muts say 21 years *OLD* lol) female from Mauritius, a nice little island in the Indian Ocean.

So that's about me. I told you, it's so difficult to talk about myself.

Let's talk about my job, I work as SEO for a web design company since December 05 (I am such a noob). Learning new stuffs every day from webmaster forums, reading blogs (Matt Cutts, John Scott and some others)

I learned about the Cpayscom2 Online Casino from a forum where I am an active member :)

Hmm I 'd love to know if there are any other girls participating in the contest. Drop me a line, we can exchange link ;) *More girl power on the net* :D