Found Myself In Yahoo!

I've been keeping my MSN rank for some days now (well at least 2 days) and thought why not check where I was hiding in Yahoo!, I had nothing interesting to do so I checked my SERP for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" in Yahoo.

Ok I start.. Page 1, pffft not in and definitely not in the first 100 (I use the Shoemoney SERP Tool, it checks if your website is in the first 100 only) I posted about the tool here.
I continue from page 11..... 20..... 30..... still not in, I start asking myself if I am in??

Yaay I found myself, on page 37 @ position #374. I know this is not very very good but well I joined the competition a bit late, on the 20th August. There were already tons of pages participating but I think it is still good. Yahoo is actually giving 219,000 results and on all this I am 374.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I am not yet in the google SERP, I checked *all* the pages from first to last. Anyways, we all know that google needs time so let it take its time.