CPayscom2 Online Casino is the 1st SEO competition I am participating in

As I heard of the SEO Contest (from a forum) I started this blog as fast as I could, my bad... I am 3 weeks late. What to do? What to talk about? Dunno... that's why my first posts on the blog are not much "casino" related

Cpayscom2 Online Casino is the first SEO contest I am participating, so I don't know if I will end up #1 since I must have some fierce competition. MSN is already showing 24,786 results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". When I entered the competition 3 days ago it was 23,031, that means I now have 1500+ competitors to beat!

My MSN ranking gave me much courage today.. even if I am not yet in the Google or Yahoo! SERPS I found myself @ position 3 on MSN today, I was very happy. In fact it's the comments left by a competitor that made me aware of it. (Thank you)

So now I have to target position #1 ;)

Good Luck to every body