J-8 For Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Yes, only 8 days left for the date we are all waiting for... Everybody must be working real hard on their

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

websites/blog these last days to try to have a chance to win the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest. Dondor is back in the race at #2, bloglines is still #1 (he's using his "leftover" links for previous carcasher contest he wrote, that guy really amaze me, he surely know what he's doing, wow if he keeps his ranks till the end he's gonna win in all $12000, $10,000 for being #1 on MSN.com, $1000 for msn.co.il and another $1000 for yahoo). As for me am not even sure of keeping my actual 3rd rank on msn.com. Nowhere to be seen on yahoo and google neither for

cpayscom2 online casino

... my bad luck eh. Anyway Cpayscom2 Online Casino is the first and last SEO Contest am participating in, as it requires too much time and after working so much on this you get nothing... hmm maybe some fame but well the Cpayscom2 Online Casino was mostly for getting links to some casino sites so no fame for the winner.

There's another contest that recently started, globalwarming awareness something is the keyword. You'll not see silly posts by "sexy girl" in that contest (LOL) :P good luck to all those who are participating :)

Now let's talk a bit about that recent google PR update, that must be the most stupid update ever, my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog homepage is 0 but I've got some posts who has PR2 or even 3, how come?

Ok, so here are 5 reasons why google sucks.
1. how come msn has only PR9? :eek: must be because it doesn't have enough backlinks from high PR pages. (stupid)
2. why you need adwords when websites like wikipedia rank in the top 10 for many very competitive keywords, it's because google loves when you pay, yeah google love your money. Now don't come and tell me wiki is a resource site and bla bla, do you think someone who's looking for a web design company really care about wiki? or is wiki offering website design service.
3. however hard you try you may never rank well unless you have lots of $$$ to spend on links (google love it when you spend your money to buy PR! it's their biggest invention after all)
4. Google directory = DMOZ = corruption
5. pffft am so depressed today, feels good to talk shit about google. ok to make it harder to read this part i'll make the font smaller. BTW I love MSN, haha j/k

This must be the silliest Cpayscom2 Online Casino post I've ever written, yaay it's my 70th post, wanted to make 100 by the end of the contest but I've not posted for more than a month... I wanted to reach 2000 visitors by the end of the contest but this also will not be possible I think.

Hmm I think this is what happens when you neglect a site, you should constantly be working on your site if you don't want them do drop...


  Cpayscom2 Online Casino

1/23/2007 12:50:00 AM

Ok I know everyone who'll read this post will think am stupid, so yes I am :P hah, too hot here actually I think it must be what's causing that!

I noticed something else about the Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants, casinomoney is just behind me, cool it's nice to have him back in the race ;) Keep it up casinomoney


1/24/2007 09:25:00 AM

Hey, you are back! Glad that you are back. Lol. Long time didn't see you update your blog. Hehe. I have always been around. Well, the bloglines blog really got us all. I also slacked a bit in updating my blog. Lol. More playing video game than updating my blog. Anyway, good luck. You are a winner, girl! :)

  Cpayscom2 Online Casino

1/24/2007 11:00:00 PM

Heya, you don't know how I missed your little comments on my blog...
Been to your blog regularly too and seen that you've also not been updating much about the contest, anyway only 7 days left now I don't we can do much in only a week.

You know I still fear a bit losing my actual third place, remember you've been to the first place too...so... :D

Anyway, we all know bloglines gonna win the first place for this Cpayscom2 Online Casino contest..