Second Cpayscom2 Online Casino Checkpoint Won By Whom?

My calender is showing 2 December here (yeah am GMT +4) and I haven't seen anywhere yet who is the winner of the second cpayscom2 online casino seo contest checkpoint :eek:
Is it Dondor or bloglines? Every time I was refreshing the results were changing, once I will see Dondor number one on msn and next time it is bloglines...

I also checked the cpayscom website but seems the second checkpoint winner has not been announced yet.

Noticed some changes on bloglines blog, he says his ranking is only due to links, well I think he's right now... I'll start working harder on my links than on content...

1000 Visitors For My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog

Everybody knows it's too late for me to win the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint now, if only that silly msn bot visited my blog after the 1st of December! :D
I wanna congratulate Dondor for reaching the first position and maybe win that second checkpoint too, I am saying "maybe" because we never know what bloglines can do, 1-2 days before the checkpoint, he's too good at these.

I am happy today because I reached my 1000th visitor for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog (well at least it's what sitemeter says). Right now sitemeter is showing 1002, while statcounter is showing 1014... what's more accurate? I don't know but I guess it's statcounter. Hahaha not bad for a blog "not actually made for general internet users".
In fact I am getting many visitors who came for my "adding favicon to blogger" post but most are from msn while searching for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" of course :D

So, only 4 days left for the second checkpoint now, nothing much can be done on such a short time but still I will try my best :) Got some encouragement from a friend today...

It will be silly to predict anything now since I think it's kinda obvious Dondor will win this checkpoint, nobody can beat his 2000+ backlinks in 4 days and even if they could it might very well get them penalized for getting links too fast.

For the months to come before the contest ends I will use techniques that many are not using or feel too lazy to work on, it's a bit silly just to follow what others are doing, since they did it first and they are ranking well with these so it's not sure that their techniques is going to help me.

Congrats again to Dondor for reaching the first place even without msn bots caching your blog again and Good luck to the Cpayscon2 Online Casino contestants... we never know what can happen in 4 days, after all 4 days is not that short.
4 days = 96hrs = 5760mins = 345600secs!! :D

Try your best everybody

Drop To Third Place For Cpayscom2

Aww, seems like if you don't constantly build your backlinks or if you do not pay attention to your cpayscom2 online casino blog/website you drop day by day.. At least this is what happened to me today, yesterday when I checked I was #2 on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and today I am #3 just after Dondor. I don't know why I dropped but I think it's because I've increased my keyword a bit too much these days.

I think I'll just continue updating as I used to, without trying to have a higher keyword density etc, see.. even yahoo deindexed me because of that. I better be careful and build my links and updating my blog wisely.

There's a blogger blog who seems to stay among the top 10 without much effort... it's oldstylecubs, actually @ #6, this blog has been among the top 10 since the beginning, well I don't know if it was there before I joined too but seems he joined the contest as it started. I guess if he/she updates that blog his ranking will improve as with many irrelevant links he has the 6th position that many contestants seems to be working hard to get.

I want to try to get the maximum pages indexed until the cpayscom2 contest ends in february, so far MSN has indexed 130 of my pages, I want to get at least 1000 pages indexed, don't know if it will be possible since there's only 3 months left until the contest ends, hmm I think I should have blogged a little bit more often, maybe like twice or thrice daily. Anyway I'll try to be a bit more serious about the contest in December...

Blogger Rules MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I was checking MSN ranking today and saw one new blogger blog in the top 10 that means now there's 7 out of the top 10 for cpayscom2 being blogger blogs!
Well this is not only because blogspot is popular, there's also some marketing behind these top rankings, so those who are not using blogger as their cpaycom2 online casino entry cannot be *angry* about our ranking :P J/K

I started to lose interest in the contest now, bloglines seems to know too much about the MSN loopholes :D it's difficult to catch up with him, the best of all you can't check backlinks for bloglines blog on yahoo siteexplorer, he prepared himself very well to win this contest ;)

I read Dondor latest post today, he seem to be quitting the contest? Would be sad not to have him anymore, anyway the contest goes on.

Just a quick recap about my cpayscom2 online casino rankings, I dropped from the first position since 4 days now (when MSN cached my cpayscom2 blog), Yahoo deindexed my blog... I am nowhere to be seen on Google! Hah! Seems like I know nothing about SEO.

I'll try to change some stuffs on my blog and see what happens..

More Changes On MSN For Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Seems like these last days before the second cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint results will keep on changing on MSN. Today I saw bloglines in the first place followed by my then Dondor and Casinomoney. In the fifth position for Cpayscom2 Online Casino there's a google group (the one created by victory365 I think) then 2 other blogger blogs. One thing is for sure MSN loves blogger. 6 out of the Top 10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino are blogger blogs!

Now that I dropped and MSN cached my blog there's not many things I can do to try to get back to the first place for the second cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint but I really hope someone else will win that second checkpoint not bloglines, else it will be more than discouraging for the other contestants. But it's obvious that he will win this one also since he has many backlinks from his older contests entries and as all these contest entries are over SEOd websites, they have lots of value in SEs eyes...

MSN hasn't cached Dondor's blog yet, let's hope that he wins this checkpoint, among the contestants I check their website/blog regularly, Dondor seems to be the one working most on his Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog.

Otherwise if it's really too late for me to get to the first place on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I also want my friend Pammer to win this checkpoint, MSN cached our cpayscom2 blogs on same day (17/11/06), I really hope MSN cache our blogs again, but even if it does I don't think if my rank will improve.

Let's have a look at the actual ranking (Top 10 on 3 main SE)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on
#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -
#6 -
#7 -
#8 -
#9 -
#10 - 1

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Google:
#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -
#6 -
#7 -
#8 -
#9 -
#10 -

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo:
#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -
#6 -
#7 -
#8 -
#9 -
#10 -

Ok with Yahoo who deindexed my blog again (I think this is the 3rd time), my drop on MSN 2 weeks before the second checkpoint, my french page who keeps on dropping on I am a bit sad, not because I'll not win this first checkpoint but this means that I am not a very good SEO, I still have a long way to go before I can call myself an SEO expert :P

One thing I learned about MSN is that only content will not get you to the top, even your links needs to be from good and old sources, you just need to compare Dondor's # of backlinks to the amount that bloglines has... only a quarter! :eek:

You must be asking yourself why I am making this cpayscom2 online casino post as long as possible, it's just a new content techniqur I am trying... :D. Let's say this post is on my homepage, it will be on here until I post 5 more entries then it will go to archives, and the search engines will also cache all my posts individually... I want to have the max content possible for all my Cpaycsom2 Online Casino posts. I will try this new technique for a month (i.e up to end of December). The point of this is to get the maximum of centent not just have many pages indexed, so far MSN indexed 76 of my pages and many of my first posts for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest don't have many content. Yeah yeah I know content is not as important as backlinks but I just want to try this andd see what happens.

Hmm what else can I talk about to make this cpayscom2 online casino post the longest one in history (lol).

Yeah I almost forgot, I think I know why Yahoo deindexed my homepage.. last time also it happened when I changed something in my cpayscom2 online casino blog template, I guess yahoo doesn't like changes too often. I try not to change anything in my blog's template again until the contests ends. Before I've been deindexed I was #2 on Yahoo, let's hope next time I am indexed I go to the first place ;) That would be too cool.

About google I don't have any comments to make, I am still not yet in the top 100, that's pretty funny... have you noticed that Google really love msn blogs? And msn loves blogger? haha why non of them like their own stuff??

Bah... I don't know what else to put here am am feeling tired right now... I'll blog again tomorrow, prepare yourself to read another silly post :P (If you read up to here... well I think you really have nothing else to do) J/K :D

I can only expect a miracle now to win the second Cpaycom2 Online Casino checkpoint :P

Just to make this post a little bit longer here are some Cpayscom2 Online Casino keyword variations along with where I rank for them on :P
cpayscom2 online casino - # 2
cpayscom2 casino online - # 2
online cpayscom2 casino - # 1
online casino cpayscom2 - # 1
casino online cpayscom2 - # 1
casino cpayscom2 online - # 1

I think you should try searching for your rank for some of the keyword variations too, it really encourages me to see that I am #1 for some of these :P
Try it too and you will notice that apart from "cpayscom2 online casino" bloglines is not #1 for any of the other keywords, he must have some super techniques to fool MSN to rank his blog for only the main keyword, that's pretty ingenious! bravo bloglines!

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Drop On MSN

As everybody was expecting... it happened earlier than predicted though, I thought I will drop from the Cpayscom2 Online Casino first place one or two days before the checkpoint but it happened differently this time. MSN cached my blog on the 17th of November and I dropped to the second place, congrats to Dondor for tanking the first position, I feel he'll be the winner of this checkpoint ;) And I bet he knows it too, he is #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on almost all MSN countrywise.

Here's what I saw on MSN today for Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Cpayscom2 Online Casino Drop

I am not sad, I am finally relieved from that stress of being #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino :p Good luck with the head aches Dondor :D J/K

The biggest drop so far was for bloglines, wow from #2 to #7! But I really feel he is preparing something for the last days and same thing will happen as for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, he came from nowhere! Do you still remember?

:'( sniff sniff... in fact I am a bit sad, I was really enjoying the first place, anyway I can still brag around that I was #1 for a little bit more than a week for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On Yahoo

As if the MSN drop was not enough, Yahoo! had to be bad with me... AGAIN! Yahoo deindexed my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog again. I think I was enjoying too much being #2 there, anyway I hope next time Yahoo will index me I'll go to the first place ;)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on

Right now it's the only search engines where I am still #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, probably the MSN datacenters haven't all updated yet as and always have similar results.
Finally I want to congratulate my friend Pammer who is back in the Top 10, he was losing interest in the Cpayscom2 Online Casino lately and now... wow he is more motivated than me to win the contest :p ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Second Checkpoint

Only 15 days left for the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, some Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants seems to be working harder these last days. I am still in the first place for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN, for more than a week now ;) I've been getting some sitewide links for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog lately, hope these will not hurt my ranking, since victory365 had dropped because of this.

For the moment I don't know what more to do to optimize my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog better than I already had. Read Dondor's latest Cpayscom2 Online Casino post today, wow his overconfidence for winning the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint is scaring me :( and his post about Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN countrywise... he's #1 almost everywhere, I am #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino only on and and this also only on MSN live, if you check on MSN beta am #2.
I've studied my competitors cpayscom2 online casino blog/websites a bit, I feel bloglines is preparing something, haha he's been quiet lately, just see, I am sure he will do same thing he did as for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint. Also noticed that Dondor is now also using social bookmarking sites for his posts, let me know if they work for you, so far I got only some visitors from reddit, they don't really help much. Hey Dondor how you planned your work to get that much backlinks for your Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog? Good job ;)

Ok let's forget a bit about the other Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants now, let's talk about me (I mean my blog :D)... Here're my stats for today

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on - #1 (47,865)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on - #2 (332,000)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on - #176 (632,000)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino on - #1 (48,142)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on - #7 (59,573) seems like my french page is dropping a lot.. I need to update it a bit ;)

So far ranking for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on google seems to be more difficult that the other 2 Search Engines, well maybe because I don't know much about how the Google algo work... I've to read more on this...

This post is mainly for Yahoo :D

Leading Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest For 1 Week Now

Days are passing by so fast but still 2 1/2 weeks left before the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint... Already a week since I am #1 on MSN for the SEO Contest keyword "Cpayscom2 Online Casino", wow very stressful, every day I wake up and ask myself... what am I going to do if am not #1 anymore (scary isn't it?) LOL Na not scary but I'll be sad if I drop now... i.e only 2 weeks before the second checkpoint.

I've noticed that the MSN bots cached the bloglines page today, his rank will probably change today or tomorrow, I noticed that every time the MSN bots visit a Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog or website it rank changes a lot, my blog was cached on 3rd November and I got to the first place on the 3rd itself (when Dondor informed me). Seeing that bloglines hasn't changed, I hope I'll stay some more time in the first place at least till the second Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint ;)

cpayscom2 online casino

I was using a tool today (which I found on Loki's blog) to check my keyword density, here's what it says for the main keywords:
cpayscom2 online casino - 54 - 6.93%

Wow... Cpayscom2 Online Casino is displayed 54 times on my homepage and only 6.93% density?!? Hmm I guess I should decrease my post length and increase the amount of time I have "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" on my blog. This seems to be the reason for the website ranking #1 on Yahoo, he's at 10% something! Smart ;)

I still haven't found how and why I am #1 on MSN, if I knew it would help me do the same thing to stay on that position, Dondor seems to know what he's been doing wrong (reason for his drop)... hmm for sure he'll not share with me since am one of his competitor LOL. Very complicated to know why I am #1, I have much less backlinks than Dondor, bloglines or any of the other top10 contestants, so definitely links only is not the secret to MSN top rankings... Got to check other factors now, I must find out fast else Dondor will come back to the first place :p

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Little Hours Of Fame For ME

Seems like I am also having right to some hours of fame for Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest... I am, umm I feel shy to say it because I can't really believe it, haha J/K
Yeah you guessed it right, well maybe you saw it too on MSN, hehe I am #1

Me? Yes me!
Cpayscom2 Online Casino MSN number one

Since I am @ that position (Thanks to Dondor to have informed me) I feel kind of scared not to see me there the next day, I think now I know what Dondor must have gone through when he was #1..

I better not brag about it too much, dropping will hurt a lot LOL.
What saddens me a little bit is that I am no more #1 on, I was chatting with my friend Pammer today and I told him that since most of the contestants are fighting for they put less effort for the other SE, ranks the french pages first and I was #1 with this Cpayscom2 Online Casino page completely in french, now I dropped to the fifth position. I decided to start a new blog in frech only to try to get better ranking on

Back to, the results are changing every time I search... sometimes am seeing myself #1 and the next time am #2 or #3 and most of the times am not seeing myself #1 it's bloglines who's on the throne (I mean the first place)! I think the MSN datacenters haven't all updated yet, so it's not sure yet if am #1 or not. Cross fingers that I am ;)

Now let's see Yahoo.. Hurray my homepage pas been indexed back, and right now am #4 on Yahoo. Has anyone noticed who's #1, pretty funny guy/girl welcoming us to "nothing much"!

Google... hmm I don't want to waste my time with google, I actually don't talk with google, am not yet in the top100, I've noticed that google hates blogger blogs but loves msn live spaces (msn blogs), funny how these silly search engines hate their own stuff!

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Changes on MSN

Wow so many changes lately on for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, Dondor is no longer #1, bloglines (apparently he's called netsearch around) is back to #1, looks like he want to win the second checkpoint too :D hehe and nobody seemed to know his MSN secrets, how the hell did he got to the 1st position with so little content and backlinks not increasing much. I kept my third position, casinomoney is back among the Top5 (Nice to have you back ;-)). Many dropped from the top10 to the second page, sad for them but hope they're not discouraged, still 4 full months left to catch up.

Dondor must be sad right now, even if he's not... I am, I read his latest posts today and just like him I also can't understand how he's getting to the 1st position with almost no content, his MSN *secret* must be links... links from pixel ad sites? Don't know his secrets but seems he knows very well what's he's doing.

Now let's see the other search engines. On I dropped a little bit with my Cpayscom2 Online Casino french page, I am now in the 3rd position... lol I was so excited about me being #1! haha anyway I don't really know how I got to the first place, so it'll not be very easy to get back there.

Last thing, I've noticed a lot of new Cpayscom2 Online Casino entries on MSN, so let's wish all the new contestants Good Luck. :)

Que le meilleur gagne ;) (that's french)

Blogging Less Regularly... No Cpayscom2 Online Casino Stuffs To Blog About

I've been a less regular blogger... laziness.... no interesting things to blog about? Don't know much but I think I kinda lost a bit interest in the contest and I've seen same thing from many of the contestants... Anyway the contest will end in February only so I still have plenty of time in front of me to get links and content for the cpayscom2 online casino contest.

Since I've not much stuff to talk about let me remind you of my actual positions on the search engines: - #3 (bloglines is now #2) - #3 (same as .com) - #2 ( is #1)

google - #302
yahoo - my homepage has not been reindexed yet

Concerning other contestants, Dondor is still #1, good job :)
I've not been checking much on the other pages, my friend pammer is @ #13 and casinomoney in the 10th position nice to see that he's still in the top 10 :)

Now back to my cpayscom2 online casino blog, I am looking for new ways to get links, it's hard to get directory links since not many around will approve your link. Still I am building my links without spending a cent, let's see what it gives in the end, feels competing with some who are spending lots of $$ to get higher rankings.

I must make it an obligation to post daily, how you guys (those who post daily) do? Where you get inspiration from? :D

Haha just don't pay too much attention to what I say... feeling so sleepy right now.

No More Links From

I checked the announcements page today and I saw that they removed all links to Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestents page, even the link to the first cpayscom checkpoint... Why?

I am not sure but I think cpayscom visited Dondor's blog and since he's constantly talking about giving links to contestants, maybe they understood it's better to not give it at all and I personally think it's better this way and nobody will be jealous :p

Some might think that the link from website helped me to get to the top5 on MSN, hmm let's see in some days when the MSN bots will visit my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog (the last visit was on the 20th October) :) Just FYI, I am mostly relying on content (and onsite optimization) for my ranking since I don't have too much time to build links... unfortunately. Anyway if you wish to support me (probably the only girl in the contest) have a look here to add the link to your website :)
update (26/10/06)
Hmm I got to update this post :p, well I just said I was the only girl since I haven't seen many around... and even if there were hundreds of other girls participating in the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, we're still in the minority, thanks for letting me know Dondor :)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Surprise On

Well well well, what else can I say other than a surprise... Hmm what I am talking about is my new position on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I am now seeing myself at #2 ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Ehem... this is proof that links only doesn't rule MSN, but this doesn't mean you don't need links.
Now I really need to get more links if I want to be #1, Dondor (cpays-online-casinos) has both links and content, he actually has some 1500+ backlinks on MSN, I have ONLY about 200... :( Help me... link to me with the following code:

Link will look like this: CPayscom2 Online Casino

I was extremely happy seing myself @ the 2nd position today, I was a bit scared I'd drop in ranking when MSN bots visits my blog since I have only about 200 backlinks, seems my content helped, but I better be on my guard, bloglines seems to know MSN secrets don't know what other trick he has for the last days before the checkpoint :p No Longer Leads The Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, and is now freed (well at least for the first place) from who has been in the first position for quite some time (more than a month), some contestants, including me, are quite happy about this rank drop, at least now the #1 contestant just have to say he's #1 not #2... haha. is now #6 on and for the keywords Cpayscom2 Online Casino. This shows that links only doesn't rule MSN, maybe it can boost your ranking *for some time* but then you'll fall really bad in ranking. We all know that the bloglines blog is only relying on links, he'll be sad when he'll start dropping... I don't know what other MSN secret he's discovered, but whatever it is, I hope MSN doesn't penalize him for that.

I don't know if you have noticed it too but some days ago MSN and live were showing different results, now it's same. Actually both are showing 58,203 results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". is showing 65,213 results, why? Hmm I think it's displaying both frech pages and english pages but giving more importance to french pages, by the way is not in the top 10 on which is quite encouraging. I am actually #1 on with my french page ;). Now that I think about it, this page has no backlinks... this shows that content does have value.

Quick Stats (My Ranking)

SE - No of results - My Rank - 58,203 - #3 - 55,346 - #3 - 65,231 - #1 - 675,000 - #175 something - 424,000 - nowhere to be seen, in fact yahoo deindexed my blog... why? :(

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On Google

Is Google stupid? I think YES! You are probably checking google regularly for Cpayscom2 Online Casino to see where you rank (I do weekly since I am not in the top 10 :p)
Hmm what's my point in saying this...

Well this is what I get on google @ position #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Google
which redirects to this:
Not even an entry to the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, and doesn't even contain the main keywords i.e. "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". Don't know what gambling search engine.

Now tell me that google is the best SE out there!!

About Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN
You must have seen it too... the bloglines blog is no longer in the second position (i.e. #1 among the Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestants), the position is now occupied by Dondor (good job)! At least now it's someone that deserves the place, we know he puts much effort to rank there.

Good Luck to everybody who just jointed or recently entered the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest. :)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino On

I've been a less regular blogger since the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, maybe I am a bit discouraged seeing the first winner (having no content). But what can I do, I am a 100% white hat so I still believe content is king, well you also need backlinks, in short you need a mixture of the two.. even if links rule on MSN, so let's concentrate on content also for Cpayscom2 Online Casino as we also have to rank on Google (where content matters) and Yahoo.

More than 2-3 times/day I check my rank on to see where I am since results are constantly changing, I check all these times since I am among the top 10 (feels good to be among the top 5 also) :D I dont't usually check on other search engines as I am not on the first pages... haha (I know I have a silly way of thinking) what can I do, I don't like to waste my time daily to only see that I am @ 100 or 200+ huh
I check google, yahoo, and once a week or every fortnight.

I got a little surprise today while looking for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog on Yeah I am @ position #2 (just after so I am #1 among the contestants, really cool! The ranked page is my french page for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

That was a nice surprise, hope I'll keep this rank until the 1st of February..

Getting Directory Links For Your Cpayscom2 Online Casino Entry

I just read the latest blog entry of the fatinfo directory and I have to agree with what is said, before submitting to directories I tried to make my blog as informative as possible and many must have noticed I have not only talked about the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest I wrote about many other stuffs, e.g how to add your favicon to blogger and SEO articles. I hesitated before submitting to directories since I also hate SPAM... but then I saw so many directories who accepted Cpayscom2 Online Casino entries, so I submitted to some (15 so far), I could have submitted to more but I wanted to see first if I was approved or not before going further.

I received one or two clicks from fatinfo directory where my blog is listed, and I want to say thank you to the directory owner to have approved my blog.

Why I am submitting to directories?
I didn't really want to submit my cpayscom2 online casino blog to directories but I don't have much other ways to get links to my blog :(
See the first checkpoint winner, he's been buying lots of quality links, but I don't have $ to spend on the contest.. I plan to get free links for my cpayscom2 online casino entry, i.e through article submissions, directories and link partners.

What directories can do about seo contest website submissions?
Seeing fatinfo directory I am sure tons of other directories have received seo contest entry submissions, nobody can really prevent these submissions. I thought it would be a good idea to get a category for seo contests, don't you think then just delete the links when the contest is over? Submission rules can be same as other categories, that is only best websites/blogs are approved. It's just an idea and this way it might not be looked as SPAM. hmmm

About the contest. Where am I standing on the search engines?
I am actually #4 on MSN just after Dondor who is @ #3, casinomoney dropped in ranking lately he's now @ #5.
Nowhere to be seen on google and @ #321 on Yahoo! (wow I dropped on Yahoo, I rememer last time I checked I was at 200 something)
Anyway I've to work harder now itself not wait for the last days before the second checkpoint, that's what happened with the first cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint and see what happened... I LOST! haha

I was going to share some SEO tips but after reading the 1st checkpoint winner interview and after seeing his blog and having a little idea of his techniques I think my SEO techniques needs to be revised! But I don't think he's 100% right in his ways because it might work for SEO Contests page but maybe not for "real" websites, pfft I don't understand much right now, got to study a bit more. All I know is that MSN is nuts, crap sites can rank much better than informative ones!

No Value For Content In The Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest?

I think I am right saying that content has not much value for SEO Contests and we've seen it with the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint some days ago... The bloglines blog has almost no content, what he's been concentrating on is getting tons of links from trusted sources, I put trusted in bold since many get this backlink thing wrong, that is you need to get backlinks from clean sites not crap (illegal, sex sites etc)

Just have a look at the backlinks for the bloglines blog, showing 1000+ now, and all from good sources, hmm he probably got $$$ to spend on links.. (I plan on working on only free links)

I just had a look at the announcements on, the interview with the cpayscom2 online casino first checkpoint winner, he has lots of experience with SEO Contests, he participated in almost all that has been organised and he won a lot too, it will be hard to compete with him. He also has much more experience in SEO than me (4-5 years) while I have only some months...

Ok, let's now stop whining which will lead me nowhere, I've been a bit discouraged when I saw the first checkpoint winner but now I think he kinda deserve it, content is not the only thing to rank well, backlinks from trusted sources is also very important. Hmm a bit difficult to get tons of "trusted" backlinks if you don't have $$$ to invest, anyway I take it as a challenge now, it will not be easy but that's what makes the cpayscom2 online casino seo contest more exciting.

Winner Of First CPayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest Checkpoint Announced

The winner of the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint was announced on some minutes ago, yes it's the bloglines page... everybody (even me) was expecting casinomoney to win this one.

Just too bad MSN didn't vist me again, better luck next time, now I need to work harder for the December checkpoint.

One thing I have noticed is that MSN doesn't give much importance to content, see the bloglines blog, it has only 4-5 posts, so in short for MSN links has more value than content and it doesn't seem to matter whether the backlinks are related or not to your website's content.

Anyway congratulations to the winner ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino First Checkpoint In Some Hours

Only some hours left for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, too bad MSN bots didn't vist my blog again, I am sure I'd land up in the second position :D J/K

Hmm nothing can be done in 3 hours... I set my computer time to GMT only to know how much time is left for the first checkpoint. It's pretty obvious now that the winner for this checkpoint is going to be the bloglines page. Really sad for casinomoney, I predicted he'll win this $1000 and on the cpayscom latest announcements they mentioned him as being the potential winner for this first cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint.

Some other news... PR is updating, victory365 seems to have noticed it before everybody, nice catch, it's only yesterday that I started to see some changes on some websites. I also noticed that some of the contestants blogs are getting higher PR, casinomoney jumped from PR0 to PR4, cpay online casinos was PR3 now PR4. I will stay PR0 at this update lol, probably because my blog is too new. No worry about PR it'll not help in any way for ranking I was just informing you. If your new PR is not showing yet on the google toolbar you can try this tool to check your PR on various Google Datacenters.

Hmm 10:04 PM GMT right now, around 2 hours left... I am going to sleep now (2:04AM mauritian time) Gonna congratulate the winner tomorrow :p

Edit: I just checked MSN and results changed so much, is no longer at #1 for cpayscom2 online casino, I am now at #5... why doesn't the MSN bots visit my blog lol, so many websites jumbed from nowhere, casinomoney is not @ #3

cpayscom2 online casino

..... $1000 lost .....

My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog On Google

Apparently google doesn't like me very much, I am actually at #258 on google for Cpayscom2 Online Casino , I don't know why I am not ranking better on Google for cpayscom2 :( It's probably because it's now a *competitive* keyword?

I seem to be ranking much better for the cpayscom2 online casino keyword variation like I did for MSN. On google also with just a little change in the word place and the result is very different, I searched for the same keywords as I did on MSN, well on google I am not on the first page for most of the cpayscom2 online casino variations, so I won't bother looking where I am.

I am ranking only for one or two of these cpayscom2 online casino variations:
Cpayscom2 - #4 (795,000)
Online Cpayscom2 - #1 (719,000) lol seeing me #1 for this *non targeted* keyword gives me courage to work harder :p
Cpayscom2 Online - #2 (764,000)

Google is so weird, see I am #4 for "cpayscom2" #2 for "cpayscom2 online" and #258 for "cpayscom2 online casino", wow what a big jump! I hope to be ranking batter in some days or weeks...

I am talking about google to take my thoughts away from thinking about the 1st cpayscom2 online casino checkpoint which is in TOMORROW! Yes it's already Saturday here in Mauritius (12:53 am) as I am writing this, there's almost around 28 hours left (GMT) for the first checkpoint. Haha! I don't know why I am kinda *stressed*.. checking MSN constantly to see where I am when I know I don't really stand a chance for this first checkpoint.

But it's fun to see how results for cpayscom2 online casino is constantly changing on MSN these last few days, casinomoney lost his #2 position, the bloglines page jumped from #5 to #2, I've been moving in the 3-5 positions now am at #4. #1 position is still for, it will be very difficult for any contestant to remove them from there, their backlinks are increasing day by day with new contestants joining the cpayscom2 online casino seo contest, it seems they'll keep this position for quite a long time.

The countdown started, let's see what happens in a little bit more than 24 hours, I just had a look at the cpayscom latest announcements, the post where they talked about *me* and casinomoney is back, and their latest post they talked about the potential winner *casinomoney* ;) that was a week ago, in just a week that bloglines page took his place. LOL, let's see what can happen in 24 hours, have fun :D

Cpayscom2 Online Casino SERP Changing Constantly On MSN

Wow this is really *unexpected* what happened on MSN today, what a change, casinomoney is no more in the first position for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, the place has been taken by a bloglines page, haha seems my Cpayscom2 Online Casino preditions are all wrong! I am now at number 4 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino just after casinomoney.

Have you noticed that MSN just crawled and updated the cache page for the bloglines page actually at #2 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino? I talked about that sometimes back, everytime MSN crawls a page it's boosted back to the top positions.

I checked the backlinks for the bloglines and and it has more than 700, I actually have only 57 backlinks showing on MSN so, I can call it a lost battle for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint. No way I can get 700 backlinks in 3 days, let's just hope that MSN will crawl my page again.
EDIT (29.09.06)
LOL I was not wrong, MSN is really showing 700+ backlinks for the bloglines page

Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Aahhh now I don't feel too stupid :p

I am still at #4 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, and there's no way I can improve my rank unless MSN visit me in these 2 days left before the first checkpoint :D

The MSN Bots prayer:
Please please visit my Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog
Come Come I am waiting for you
bla bla bla

Now I really sound stupid :p

My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Predictions For The First Checkpoint

Results for Cpayscom2 Online Casino is changing constantly on MSN, yesterday I was @ #3 today I am back at #4, in short there's no way I can get to #1 for this first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint which is just in four days (almost nothing can be done in such little time).

If MSN crawls my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog in these 4 days I'll probably get back to #3 since casinomoney has way much more backlinks than me and I've seen cpays-online-casinos has been crawled and now @ #3 (hehe you took my place).

Ok, the title is talking about the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino Winner prediction (lol just according to the results, I don't know a thing about predictions). If MSN doesn't crawl my blog again I say I'll end up at #5 since that bloglines page is catching up quickly.
So, here are my predictions (Only positions for contestants I will not include

# 1 -
# 2 -
# 3 -
# 4 - (yaay that's ME)
# 5 -
# 6 -
# 7 - (hehe pammer you are catching up quickly) ;)
# 8 -
# 9 -
# 10 -

I have not included oldstylecubs since it doesn't have the required links for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest...

Phew why have I listed 10 when only #1 will win $1000 for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino Checkpoint :p I think I got too much time on my hands, I'd better submit my articles to get some links rather than posting this, but it'll not help since the time the article got accepted and for the SE crawlers to visit the published articles, the Cpayscom2 Online Casino Checkpoint will already be over.

Only 2 days ago (the post before this one) I posted about the Cpayscom2 Online Casino keyword variations today I checked again for some of the keywords and wow SERP changed so much in just 2 days! We never know what other changes there'll be in 4 days, every Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestant still have a chance to win, so, cross fingers and Good Luck to all.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Keyword Variations

MSN is playing with me! Yes I call it playing, why is the SERP changing so much lately for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, just 3 days ago I posted that I was back in the Top5 on MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino well I was at #4 for the contest keyword and that was when MSN crawled my blog MSN was then displaying 43,871 results.

But today I am seeing myself at #3 and MSN hasn't visited my blog again! and now MSN is showing 50,411 results, 7000 new pages in just 3 days! that's amazing.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino #3 on MSN

Seems like MSN wants to surprise me, lol. It's difficult to understand how MSN works since SERP is changing everyday. I thought your rank changes only when MSN crawls your page and updates your cached page, but seems this is wrong!

I also checked where I was ranking for some variations of the keywords "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"
Following details are in this format: Keyword - my rank - # of results

3 words
Cpayscom2 Online Casino - #3 - 50,411
Cpayscom2 Casino Online - #3 - 51,879
Casino Cpayscom2 Online - #2 - 51,790
Casino Online Cpayscom2 - #5 - 53,219
Online Casino Cpayscom2 - #5 - 53,463
Online Cpayscom2 Casino - #4 - 53,489

2 words
Cpayscom2 Casino - #1 - 53,223
Cpayscom2 Online - #9 - 50,811
Casino Cpayscom2 - #4 - 55,570
Online Cpayscom2 - #7 - 56,726

1 word
Cpayscom2 - #9 - 56,585

That's amazing how SERPs can change for such slightly different keyword, well not different just the same words placed in varied places, in the 3 words, all are compilations of Cpayscom2 Online Casino placed differently but see how much the results are different and I am ranking differently for each variation.

Good that I spent some precious time doing this, feels good to know that I am on page one for almost all the variations of the keywords "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" and I am at #1 for at least 'Cpayscom2 Casino'. :-D

Seems everybody is working hard to catch up this last week (well 6 days) before the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint next Sunday 01.10.06. Too late for me haha, casinomoney seems to be keeping his #1 position firmly. It will be more than difficult to outrank him in just 6 days, bah that'll teach me not to be lazy if I want to win something. :)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Tips

This will be more than just SEO Tips for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest, I will share with you some SEO tips that you can use for your other websites also. In short i'll give some details about the things to do and to avoid for better ranking on the major Search Engines i.e. Google, MSN and Yahoo. And let it be clear, I am not saying I am a SEO expert, it's things I have noticed over time.

Let's start with some on site optimization. Many people don't use meta tags, it's true that they are almost "dead" but Search Engines still pick your title and description tag for their listing. I noticed that google take part of you description tag and some random text from your website as description so it's good to have keyword rich content. Try to include your main keyword (e.g. Cpayscom2 Online Casino) in almost all your post if you have a blog, be very informative and add fresh and unique content regularly. Every body knows the saying 'Content' is King, but many doesn't understand this and just get tons of content, mostly from article directories, which will lead you nowhere since these articles have been published at hundreds of other websites. So it's best to say 'Unique content is King'. Also if you use images, don't forget the alt tags, remember that search engines can not read images, some say that it is good to include keyword in the image filename but so far I have not seen how this helps most important is the alt tags, try to be as descriptive as possible.

Second thing to consider now that your Cpayscom2 Online Casino website is ready and search engine friendly is your link building campaign. Many people misunderstand this and think that the only thing to do is to get tons of links as fast as possible, this is not true. Link building takes time and should be from different sources like these:
1 - SE's Submission (to get more exposure but not very necessary)
2 - Directory Submission (submit to the most related category)
3 - Writing Article's
4 - Blogging (please blog wisely, don't SPAM)
5 - Forums (some forums allows links in signature)
6 - Press Release (make sure you have something news worthy)
7 - Reciprocal Link (I hate doing link exchange, but well it still helps so go for it and make sure to exchange link with only related websites)

I've seen many people whining about why search engines ban them or why they are no longer in SERP and so on, I think the reason is because they have got thousands of links from many sources (mostly unrelated) and then for a good period no links at all, the search engines probably saw these links as FFA since they were acquired over a very short time, that's why I am telling to spread your link campaign over a period of time, you'll build link slowly and search engines will not penalize you. And do not concentrate on only one source of incoming links, I've seen many people just buy links here and there, they does not care whether these links are related or not. Think big, I've listed 7 ways to get links above, it's much better to get links from different sources. Another thing that I noticed is many Cpayscom2 Online Casino are bombing blogs with comments and most only links to their Cpsyscom2 Online Casino entry, this is considered SPAM, you will probably be penalized for this. I am not saying blog comments is not good, but moderate it, one or two legitimate comments here and there won't hurt.

According to me, the key to have better SERP is to stay SPAM free, stay away from FFA, link farms, comment SPAM, and never try to fool search engines, have fresh and unique content. With all these it will be hard for the search engines to refuse you some love.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino First Checkpoint, Only A Week Left

Yes only a week left for the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint, i.e the 1st of October (don't know at what time they will check) , I just had a look at the terms and conditions page and time isn't mentioned for the checkpoint dates.

One week is too short to catch up, lol I'll consider it as $1000 lost! :D Am kidding, but it's kinda fair I don't win this first prize since I joined the competition a bit later than some of the other contestant in the Top 10 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and also my blog is so new compared to others. I've seen many are participating with their entry to the first SEO contest by where the keywords were "cpayscom online casinos", it's obvious that they have better chance than me to win since they already have tons of *related* backlinks (I say related since the keywords for this contest doesn't differ much from the other one).

I was also looking at the cpayscom announcements page, and seen that they removed the latest post where they talked about the potential winner for this first checkpoint and they also mentioned about me (being the female SEO at #3 on MSN for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"). I don't think removed that entry just like that, I am pretty sure (lol must be my female instinct!) it's a contestant who asked them to remove it since it's a link to our blog/website... Anyway it's not really a problem for me, but I was *proud* that they mentioned about me and being a girl in the cpayscom2 contest!! :-)
But since we're talking about links from website it'll be nice to remove the links to the winners of the first contest websites since many are participating with these or cpayscom can also just give the URL but not make the link live. Hmm why am I worrying so much. Let's not be *jealous* as some contestant and concentrate on my blog. (I'll do like casinomoney) hahaha don't worry I am not copying your content I just like the way you think ;) love ya :p

I like to check other contestant's pages from time to time, there's one who seems to be whining about why others are ranking so well, I don't know why he/she is like that, I personally think he/she will not go very far if he/she continues to think this way. I've seen some are following my steps (hehe I know it since I check where I leave my links for the Cpayscom2 Online Casino seo contest). Anyway I really think that in the SEO world you better be friendly than agressive, you'll get much further, and it's better to have friends rather than ennemies...

Hope you are not bored after reading all this ^ :-D
So far I've not done anything yet since yesterday to improve my ranking on MSN, feeling lazy and it's weekend, bah I should stop thinking like this I don't know why I always say I will do this or that tomorrow and we all know the saying "Tomorrow Never Comes"! and it's true since everyday I say tomorrow etc etc.

Last thing, I am still looking for link partners for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino entry, every contestant are most welcome. Check here for more info. #1 for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on MSN and Yahoo!

Ok, it's not a *scoop* that is #1 on MSN for the contest's keyword Cpayscom2 Online Casino #1 on MSN

I was checking who was #1 on Yahoo for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo and saw it at position #1 there also! #1 on Yahoo

Let's see how much time it'll take for cpayscom website to reach the #1 position on google! It will not be very easy on google, as I am pretty sure google considers most of the Cpayscom2 Online Casino websites as spam..

Let's talk about my blog now, I don't know why I am not ranking better on Yahoo or Google for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I am not yet in the Top 100 on any of these 2 Search Engines... :(

I am not losing hope now, the contest still have 5 full months to go ;)

What I thought is probably Yahoo and Google give much more importance to content unlike MSN, not sure about this yet, but seems that the top10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on Yahoo are websites talking mostly about online gambling, poker etc. Bah! These SE's are so complicated to understand.

I will try in the coming weeks to get more content related to online casino, online gambling and other stuffs related to this. I don't know a thing about all these and to tell the truth I never even played in a real casino... There's one casino here in my town, I'll go there this week to know a bit how a casino works, well I think online casino will not differ much from real one?

Another thing I noticed is that most of the top10 websites (well the contestant) on all the 3 search engines knows quite a bit about online gambling so I guess they must be the first to have joined the competition, and it's probably the reason why they are ranking well (hehe for now).

My plan for this week:
1- Get some info about online casino, online gambling, poker etc (I'll be thankful if you could share your resources with me)
2- Write 1 more article (too bad I can only write about SEO)
3- Update blog daily (very important, I've updated every 2-3 days and I think I need more content)

Back in Top 5 on MSN

As the title says I am back among the Top 10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I am at position #4 when I checked this morning (some may still see me @ #6 if MSN has't update all its datacenters yet)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino No4 on MSN

Well I am more exactly @ #3 among the contestants since doesn't count for the competition.

One thing I noticed is that my rank is *updated* everytime MSN crawls my blog, last time was the same thing, and seems MSN crawled and updated my cached page after 1 month! which is quite long. is crawled almost every week, maybe because it is now a *very* popular website, with all the links that it has :D

Too bad I hadn't worked on link building for my blog these last weeks, if I knew MSN was going to crawl my blog on the 20th of October I'd tried to get as many links as possible hahaha.

Anyway it will not be easy to get to the #1 position for the first checkpoint (i.e. 1st October) since my friend casinomoney (hello to ya ;) seems to be working hard with his link building.

Note to myself: It doesn't pay to be lazy! pfft :(

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Smart SEO Competition?

By now it's pretty obvious that the website will be #1 in MSN for quite some time for Cpayscom2 Online Casino and with all the backlinks that they have (more than 10k) it will be a bit difficult to outrank the website.

What *kinda* shocked me today is this:

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Can you believe it!!! The website is now #1 in MSN for the keyword "SEO" with more than 5million results, that's amazing! is also #1 for many other keywords "seo contest", "online casino seo contest" among others, these are fine but being #1 for "SEO"! That's funny, I'd love to see an average internet user learning about seo and searching for the keyword on msn! :D

Imagine his surprise, poor guy he'll probably think that SEO is just an online contest thingy and he should have the words "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" somewhere on his website!

I think I know the reason why is #1 for "SEO", see the phrase that we added to our website, check who's under the word "seo", you'll get the answer :D Hmm this means that anchor text is something really important, I just checked the website and now the anchor text for is "Search Engine Optimization", hah! let's see how much time it'll take for them to rank for this keyword also.

Bad news for Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestant using blogger.. check this , YES! Blogger will be down *again* today :(

Google Cannot Differentiate Human or Automated Behaviour!

Yes Google thought I am a probably a computer virus or spyware!.. In short google thinks I am automated!

This sound silly but just check this image:

What's the problem with google? Me.. automated? Oh.. uh! Google do come to Mauritius some time (when you are free from automated addiction!), you'll see that I am 100% human!

Here's how I got that message from google:
I was checking how much pages I had indexed for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog by google, I typed in this "" as usual google returned 10 results per page, I wanted to change this to 50 and bang! google thinks I am automated! lol they are funny. IMO this is a really silly and stupid message, if a query like this was automated it would already change the results to 50, don't you think?

Anyway this is really sad that google reacts this way to human behaviour, I am sure future softwares will ressemble more and more to human behaviour, what will google do then?

MSN Images Live Search

I hate the new MSN live stuff! The web search is fine just like the old thing but have you tried image search? I was trying to see if I could find my pictures when I search Cpayscom2 Online Casino in MSN images, huh! the *thing* was so slow, in fact it slowed my computer, I just hate it.

What's it created with, it looks like flash but I think it's a javascript thingy but I don't know. Anyway before moving to MSN Live they must have thought that not everybody has 1gb memory on their PC or super rapid internet connections, I have only 128kbps! Duh, I know that's super slow :D

MSN should have created a poll to know the average internet speed connection of internet users before moving to live! I am sure many many people are still on dial up! I bet!

Just FYI, I also checked for images on Yahoo and Google for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, but I think these two haven't updated images yet, google image update is done every 3 months if am not wrong. I know images has not much importance in the competition but I felt like checking.. just to see if I optimized my images well :D
I have some of my Cpayscom2 images showing in MSN! Cool ;)

About the competition: Less than 2 weeks left before the first checkpoint and I keep going down in MSN SERP, why? :(
Hmm others must be working harder than me... and all of them have older websites...

*talking to myself* SG what's that??? It's not the time to start losing hope!! You still have 5 months to go and everything can and will change in these 5 months! Courage and say "I must win this 100 times per day" :D lol I feel silly! hahaha

Add Your Favicon To Blogger Blog

I've seen many blogs around having other favicon rather than the usual blogger one displayed as below, blogger favicon is the third one (the B in an orange square.. obvious :D)

Mine are the green $ (dollar sign), and as I like to open tons of tabs having my own favicon helps me to see where I've open my own Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog. The favicon is also displayed on the address bar. And if somebody bookmark my blog it will look like this

The first one I bookmarked my homepage that is, no need to explain all this I think you already how bookmarks work :p

Ok let's get serious now.. how to add your favicon to blogger?
You will need to edit your blog template a little bit.

Your template should look a bit like this:

I don't see any difference whether you add it before or after or if you have meta tags you add it just after the meta tags.
You can use any type of image it will be resized automatically to fit in the favicon space which is 16*16 pixels. And you are done! Now you have your own favicon. Hurray :D

You need to remove "image link" and replace it with you favicon url and ".../type" with the type of your image i.e. png or jpeg or gif. I tried to add the code without the type= part and it still works, if you have any problem adding your favicon, it's better not to add that part.

I will create a little tutorial some other time how to create 16*16 pixels favicon with transparent background (you will need some good image editing softwares for that). I use PSP (Paint Shop Pro), sorry but photoshop is a bit too expensive for me :p
Answer to some questions you might have :D
Q:Why you choose a dollar sign?
A:It matches my main blog theme (Cpayscom2 Online Casino) and my template.. green :p

Q:Why you wrote this little favicon tutorial?
A:Just to help others, I know many people out there want to have their own favicon for their blogger blog but can't find much info out there on how to do it.

Q:What can I do to help?
A:hmmm you can link to my blog or to this tutorial if you find it interesting :)
Hope my favicon tutorial helped you, if there is anything to change or something to add just drop me a line ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Stats After 4 Weeks In The Competition

Blogger has been down many many hours this week, let's see how much this affected my SERPs. I have to mention that SERP keep increasing day by day, with more than 1000/week for Cpayscom2 Online Casino.

Where am I in MSN? With the new MSN live search, MSN seems to be a little bit more stable now. I am @ #6 on MSN (well #5 since doesn't count). Results increased by 2000 since I last checked MSN for Cpayscom2 Online Casino.. Now showing 47,382, probably all the pages MSN has just indexed and all new contestants entering the competition.

I'll have to work really very hard if I want to win that first $1,000! :D Anyway I am way too far from #1 and the top sites aready have much more backlinks than me, and we all know that MSN counts "every" backlinks to your website even if it's not really related to your content.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I am actually @ position #348 in Google over 433,000 results Google is actually showing for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, I remember I was @ 335 some days ago, lol just a little drop! :D

But that's a bit weird since Google doesn't usually update SERP very often, at least once a month or so. hmm

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

My feeds seems to be ranked better than my blog :) It's at position #43 in Google

Cpayscom2 Online Casino
What will happen if my feeds end up at #1 when the competition? Will I win :D LOL

Finally let's check Yahoo! Hmm I don't worry much about Yahoo, according to me it's the most *complicated* SE among the big 3.
I am @ position 215 in Yahoo.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I don't have any website with high PR to add links to my blog else this would have helped me much in Google. Just FYI I haven't bought any link for my blog, all comes from Forum signature links or the little article submissions I've done. I got to find some other ways to create links if I want to win ;)

My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog Is Looking Messed Up

I don't know what happened to blogger today, I know it usually has some downtime hours or server problems but today was different, check this
Pffffttt what piss me off is that now blogger is back to normal but my blog is looking all messed up! All posts looks like big block of text!!! I hate how it looks, it gives a spammy and dirty look :(
I won't go edit all my posts again, too much time consuming. How is it going for other Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contestant using blogger as their entry? I'll have to check that.

I'll take a pause from the competition, I'll *try* to stay away from my blog for some day.. only if I can. And worse my invisible pen ink is dried up :(

EDIT: LOL I just finished editing all my posts (I think I have too much time on my hands.. duh!) What am I talking about? It's 2:45 am here.. I think I better go to sleep now! Good night to me and have a nice day to some :D

EDIT: Hmm I finally found what made my blog look all messed up, was just wordpress who modified my setting to import my blog posts. Seems like I've got to remove the html I added to my posts now :(
PS: I now really think am too addicted to the Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest! :D

What's Happening To Blogger?

I don't know if it's only me, but since this morning I am trying to view my blog but in vain!! Blogger was down again this morning, all blogger blogs were displaying Error 500, or Google server error. Now when all seems ok, I am still getting this for my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog, all my other blogger blogs are working fine

Whathat!!! And I really don't know how to contact blogger about this problem.

Don't know what I should do now.. start a new blog or continue with this one, really hope this get ok soon!

Nearly Lost My Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog

I posted recently about some ways in which you can backup your blogger post, the reason I posted this was that I was scared as hell to lose my Cpayscom2 Online Casino Blog.

Yes it happened! Blogger thought my blog was SPAM! I had the word verification turned on when I was posting.. As I saw this I asked for a blog review and fortunately yesterday I got a mail from blogger, my blog has been reviewed and no longer viewed as a potential spam blog..

I was so happy, pheewww thank god they didn't delete it! Thank you blogger :)

Now let's try to understand why blogger flagged my blog?
1 - I've not been using any spammy techniques to post to my blog.
2 - I only have unique content (well everything is written by me)
3 - My blog is NOT an mfa.. I only have the link banner hmmm

I tried to find out but I could only come to conclusion that it can be the keywords "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" that got my blog flagged.. maybe not the word cpayscom2 but "online casino" or maybe I have been posting a bit too much the first days I entered the competition (sometimes 2-3 posts/day).

For this not to happen again I decided to post only one entry/day or every 2-3 days, hope blogger will not flag me again! :D I's really like to know how it's going with other Cpayscom2 Online Casino contestant using blogger as their entry.

Getting Harder To Rank In MSN

MSN seems to be fine and showing good results now,
check here
many other contestants noticed that MSN was displaying only around 900 results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" Now it's showing 45,035

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

I am actually @ #5 :( and MSN is not crawling my blog again.. I read the latest announcement @, they mentioned about me, wow I feel honoured :) and proud to be the most well ranked female participant (well at least for now :p )

The first checkpoint is very near, less than 3 weeks remaining, I don't think I'll be able to reach #1 in such a short time and silly me last week I've not been working on the blog much... busy with work. And also it will not be easy for me, I noticed many of the top ranking websites are older than mine and already have tons of backlinks. I must work really hard to catch up with them.

I don't know if you have notice that blog "oldstylecubs[dot]blogspot[dot]com" has PR5 and thousands of backlinks, that contestant was lucky to get that blog name (probably deleted by the original owner). But what's not fair is that he's ranking well without any effort, I am trying to at least spend 1-2hrs/day working on my blog.. that contestant has only 2 blog posts and he/she doesn't seem to be spending any time marketing the blog (why would he/she bother, the blog already has 1000+ backlinks!)

Anyway, good luck to all :)

What's Going On With MSN?

I've read on some of the contestant's blogs/websites and I noticed it also that is displaying kinda "weird" results for Cpayscom2 Online Casino. I said weird because all the other search engines that is Yahoo and Google, even and are displaying at least 30,000+ results but I msn .com is stuck to 900 only!!

What can be the reason? Hmm I think MSN is just a bit sick right now (any search engine doctor around? :P J/K) Ok let's be serious now. Have a look at this, I updated that post today to add and, just check the SERP amount for each search engines! Must really be a problem with, I'd agree that they might be cleaning up spammy websites but I think and .fr should also follow the same path, why are these two displaying more than 30,000 results?

I did not stop here (really want to know what's happening to MSN), I queried again for the top 100 instead of 10, see this, what you will say about this? Bang! Now is showing 41,847! Amazing!

I hope MSN will be ok on the check point dates and the last day also, lol it will not be nice to have some "fake" winners :D :P

Backup Your Blogger Posts

You maybe asking yourself why I am posting this... But I think most people who will be reading this already know the reason (that's why you are here) :p

Ok let's start with a little bit explanation. We all know blogger is a free service and we can expect anything to happen since we don't "legally" own the blog. So in short blogger can in a way or another do anything they want since they are offering the service free.

My suggestion is to keep a backup of all your blog posts, that's not very difficult to do. I've read on some forums that blogger can delete your blog without notice, so it's better you take some precautions.

I've spent like 30-45 minutes today to backup all my cpayscom2 online casino blog posts (I have 27 posts so far). This is what I have done:

1- Create a folder for Cpayscom2 Online Casino, and named it "Posts"
2- Create subfolders for each month (e.g "august 06", "september 2006") any name you want as long as it's make things easy for you.
3- Open your posts one by one as if to edit them, copy the html part (Next to "Compose" on top right)
4- Paste the text in notepad.
5- Save your file (don't forget to number them)

There may be some other ways in which you can back up your posts but so far I've found this one better for me. If you know some other ways better to back up posts, feel free to share with me :)

I forgot to mention, when you backup your posts, you will not be able to keep your comments.. obviously :D

EDIT (09/11/06): You can also enable email notification, it won't work for older posts. So, in short, your posts will be emailed to you as it is published.

How to enable it:
Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Just put the address where you want the post emailed.

Ok, there's also the "email to a friend" function but it just send a link to the actual post, so it doesn't really work.

EDIT (09/12/06): I don't know if this one will help much but I think it's good to add it, I created a new wordpress account today and imported all my blogger posts there and set the blog privacy to invisble to search engines (so that I don't have to worry about duplicate content).

This is the first time I did this so I don't really know if it works well. I'll try to export my blogger posts to wordpress after every 5-10, don't know yet if it will overwrite the existing posts or it will create double posts.. The good point is that wordpress also import your posts comments.

Feel free to share your tips with me :)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino Changed Look

Most of my frequent readers must remember the last template I used for my blog, well it looked a bit distorted if I am viewing only one post. Most of the sidebar links and tools will go completely at the end.. So I changed my Cpayscom2 Online Casino blog template.

I decided to change to this green one, I think it's better to the eyes and also I've not seen other contestants using this one (at least none of the ones ranking well in the Search Engines) :D

I've also *tried* to change the favicon, like the *labnol* or *One Red Paperclip* blogspot blogs did (and many others of course), I know it's funny, in fact it's supposed to be a dollar sign (just in case you didn't notice).

I got some new stuffs to post and some tools that I want to share, I will not have much time today, maybe I'll do it later in the afternoon.

Some quick stats:
I've not been updating by blog the last 2 days.. didn't have much time, I must be more serious with this if I want to win ;)

Rank in
Google: 323
MSN: 6
Yahoo!: I didn't check (well am not in the first 200)
I've also checked my Alexa Rank: 1,516,497 Wow I remember some days ago I was 3000000 or something.

Was Blogger Slow Today?

I've been trying whole day to check my blog but it wasn't loading.. Blogger was very very slow and has much downtime hours (might hurt with SERP)..

Anyways I just want to inform you that I posted this to check the top 10 websites for Cpayscom2 Online Casino on all 3 Search Engines on 1 Page. I didn't post it as latest post as it can slow down my blog loading time.

Have a look :) and feel free to leave comments ;)

Feels Good To Be In Google

After 16 days in the competition (I joined on the 20th of August), I found my Cpayscom2 Online Casino entry in Google today @ position 335

Now that I am in the 3 Search Engines, I can work my way slowly to the TOP ;)
Beware guys lol (Haha am talking as if I was a SEO pro)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino

My Stats after 2 weeks 2 days in the Contest
Keyword: "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"
MSN - #5 (35,823)
Google - #335 (259,000)
Yahoo - #213 (365,000)

I also checked my Ranking for some variation of the main keywords with the Shoemoney SERP Tool
Keyword: "Cpayscom2OnlineCasino"
MSN - #5 (53)
Google - #3 (152)
Yahoo - #26 (109)

Keyword: "Cpayscom2"
MSN - #4 (40,161)
Google - #3 (260,000)
Yahoo - #Not Found (380,000) - Am not in the top 100, I didn't search for my blog, I am probably in the 300+ something for cpayscom2.

It's good to know that I am not ranking for only Cpayscom2 Online Casino. I will post a bit about my optimization techniques next time, hope you'll share some of yours too :p

GEO Visitors Tool From Digital Point

I really like this free GEO Visitors tool by Digital Point, I can check where my visitors are from :D It shows for the last 24 hours.

I check this every day :) I think today I've got a little bit more visitors than usual since I posted twice. So you see it's important to update regularly..

Check below.. the green pin (that's ME) ;)
Well the map is much bigger, I resized it to fit in. You can also look closer for some regions, it will even show you the street names etc! Amazing Google Maps ;)

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

What Is This SPAM Site?

I found this today while searching for my blog in Google:
Cpayscom2 Online Casino
Ok, this whdbqj[dot]org is a SPAM site, if you go to that page directly it shows "404"
All the pages by this site are subdomains, like in the picture above, google actually shows 539 results for this site
Cpayscom2 Online Casino
155 on Yahoo site explorer and 59 from MSN
Google is always faster displaying lots of pages from SPAM sites.. check this

You might have noticed also that all the results are Casino related!! What's the point of this type of site? Is it there to try to penalize sites by linking to them? Can somebody please shed some light?

That site was registered on the 26th of August. More Whois Data here.
Just check one of it's pages, looks just like google but scroll down, you might see some text from your casino website.

SERP For Cpayscom2 Online Casino Increasing Rapidly

I've been busy with work lately and I don't have much time working on the blog, that's bad because others are working hard... If I continue this way I'll probably be out of the SERP :D hmm I don't want this to happen :p

I was checking the SE's today and wow what a big change in the SERPs. Only last week there was much less results for "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"

Just to compare:
27.08.06 - 25,241
04.09.06 - 34,946

27.08.06 - 89,800
04.09.06 - 225,000

27.08.06 - 93,000
04.09.06 - 348,000

Really big change in 1 week! Must be all the new pages that the SEs crawled with the keyword "Cpayscom2 Online Casino". Well I think the more competition the better, even if I don't win (which I probably will not.. too many SEO gurus in this competition) this contest will help me improve my SEO skills.

I wrote an article about SEO: Good SEO Strategies, I'd link to know what you think about it, feel free to leave comments. Don't worry I never delete legit comments even if it's against me, only SPAM are deleted.

Good and Free SEO Strategies

Since I don't know much about online casino, online gambling etc, I think I'll talk about something that I know about... SEO

SEO is not difficult but not easy either, there are some strict rules that you need to follow to rank well on the Search Engines. Many people say MSN is the easiest SE to rank for then comes Yahoo! and finally Google. The problem with google is that it values old pages too much, you can have a new very informative website but you will probably not be in the top 10 for your main keyword if it is a very competitive one.

Ok enough blabbering let's now come to the steps that you should follow carefully so that SE's does not consider your website as spam or worse can ban your website. The most important thing you need is link. Links, links and more links from relevant sources, tons of irrelevant may help you on MSN but it will not do your website any good on Google, so it's better to do the best thing that is not penalized by non of the main Search Engines, that is Google, MSN and Yahoo!.

How to get links? This is a tuff answer... where to get your links from? You can get links from web directories, article directories and from link exchange with other related websites. When submitting to directories, search for the category most relevant to your website, check how many outgoing links the directory have per page. It will be kind of useless to submit to directories that does not follow the Google webmaster's guidelines. Also check if the directory is indexed by Google. PR is NOT the most important thing to check when submitting to a directory, it's has some value since it's an indication its importance (backlinks from good sources).

Writing articles can also help you to get backlinks. How? Write one or two article about your website's subject, be sure to include your main keywords in the article, make it fun but to the point, don't write as if you are the most intelligent person on earth, this will just scare people away. Include examples where needed to back up your thoughts this will make you more credible to the reader. If you are not sure about something, search about it if you can't find better not write about it. Be sure to include a link to your website in the author note else the whole step will be useless. Now just search for article directories and start your submissions. There are hundreds of article directories around so you are sure to get some quality backlinks from them.

Getting link partners is the most difficult and time consuming part in your link building campaign. Most websites will not be very keen to exchange link if they are in the top 10 and you are not. Here also you need to look for websites that are most relevant to yours, let's say you have a Online Casino website, it is ok to exchange link with gambling related websites that is any websites that are related to online casino. Search engines values 3 way links exchange more, e.g. I link to site B from site A and Site C links to Site A. So better go for it when you get the opportunity.

SEO takes time but it is fun and there are always new things to learn since the Search Engines change their algorithm once in a time, Google is the most complicated one but I read somewhere, better you optimize for Google and the other two will follow. Most techniques mentioned in this article are free strategies that only require your time. My advice: try all the free techniques first then go to paid if free doesn't work. Happy SEOing.

Technorati Thinks This Blog Is SPAM!

I tried to claim this blog in my technorati account but in vain, both times it said try again later or whatever.
Today I got a visitor from this link:
Cpayscom2 Online Casino

How can technorati assume my blog is spam? Oh crap, I don't care!

EDIT: How does technorati determine that this blog is spam? I'd really like to hear the reason from them

This really have no sense, I am working hard on this blog and I guarantee I never used any black hat SEO tactics.
I have read on another contestant blog that some competitors are spamming blogs linking to his.

Really not fair

Alexa - Do You Ever Check It?

I know very well that the Alexa ranking is crap but just for fun today I checked where I was ranking on Alexa for Cpayscom2 Online Casino. Hmm ranking 3,324,584 in 2 weeks being online is not bad, lol.

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Hmm that ranking is based on what? I'd really like to know... I have another blog ranking in the 600k and I barely have traffic on it (Alexa is supposed to be based on traffic). Really weird...

I know not everybody has the Alexa toolbar installed because it is considered as Spyware by many antivirus softwares.

One thing I found pretty funny, I always thought the most visited SE was google but according to Alexa I am wrong!

#1 - Yahoo!
#2 - MSN
#3 - Google

LOL Google is even after MSN. huh

Cpayscom2 Online Casino - Entree Francaise (Cpayscom2 Casino En Ligne)

Vu que je suis assez bonne en français ce serais une bonne idée d'avoir une entrée française pour la compétition "Cpayscom2 Online Casino".

Je suis actuellement sur la cinquième page sur, qui est pas bien dutout. Si seulement j'avais crée une page française depuis que je me suis joint a la competition c'est sure que maintenant je serais parmis les dix premiers comme sur ou je suis actuellement a la sixieme place qui je trouve est pas très mal car je me suis jointe a la compétition que le 20 Août 2006 est la competition Cpayscom2 Online Casino a commencé le premier Août.

Bon je ne suis pas une experte en SEO, donc j'ai pas tellement de chance pour gagner la competition mais j'éssaye quand même car cette competition va m'aider a améliorer ma connaisance en SEO et m'aidera peut être a me perfectioner.

Parlons maintenant un peu des prix en jeu, hehe pour la première place il y a $10,000 c'est pas un petite somme, je doit vraiment faire de mon mieux si je veux gagner ces $10,000 :D
Voici les prix plus en details, la competition se termine le 1er Février 2007 à 12:00 GMT.
#1 sur MSN: $10,000
#2 sur MSN: $2,000
#3 sur MSN: $1,000
#4 - #10 sur MSN: #100

#1 sur $1,000
#1 sur $ 1,000
#1 sur Google: $1,000
#1 sur Yahoo: $1,000

Et il y a aussi deux autres prix a gagner
October 1 – 2006 : $1,000 - #1 MSN
December 1 – 2006 : $1,000 - #1 MSN

Aaah j'ai maintenant une page française pour la competition Cpayscom2 Online Casino j'espère que ça me donnera un peu plus de chance sur!

Bonne Chance a tout les participants.
mise à jour (12/10/06)
Surprise surprise sur, je m'y attendais pas dutout a être à la deuxième position (juste après pour les mots clefs Cpayscom2 Online Casino. Je verifie ma position su très rarement car la dernière fois je j'ai vérifié j'étais sur la troisième page..

Je sais pas vraiment comment je suis arrivé la, cette position était aupparavent occupé par victory365, il a des milliers de liens plus que mon blog.. plus les jours passent je comprend de moins en moins comment MSN marche!

J'espère que je vais garder cette position jusqu'a le premier février héhé
mise à jour (19/10/06)
Je remet à jour cette page car j'ai vu que les bots (je sais pas si on dit bots même en français) de MSN ont visité cette page le 17 Octobre:

Cpayscom2 Francais

La bonne nouvelle c'est que je suis toujours a la premiere place! J'ai remarqué quelques fois quand les bots visitent une page leur rank très souvent changent, vous vous souvenez surement ya quelques semaines de celà la première place était occupé par victory365... Bein on sais jamais ce qui peut se passer avec MSN pourtant il a beaucoup plus de liens qui pointe vers son site et il a aussi des pages français, au fait j'ai eu l'idée de lui pour faire une entrée en français. Merci victory365 :)

Sur bloglines n'est plus à la première place, il comptait trop sur les liens seulement.. un petit conseil de ma part, croyez moi ou non, le contenu de votre site est aussi important que les liens. Travaillez sur les deux ne vous contentrez pas sur un seul. Bonne Chance.
mise à jour (07/11/06)
Et oui... la première place dure pas pour toujours, je me retrouve maintenant à la cinquième place avec cette page que j'ai faite expréssement pour Je vais continuer a mettre à jour cette page jusqu'a la fin de la compétition, celà me permettra d'avoir un peu plus de contenu en français, je conte beaucoup sur la contenu et pas juste les liens, prenons par exemple cette page, elle est arrivé à la première place sans aucun liens, donc c'est sans doute le contenu qui l'a permis d'arrivé a cette place, qu'est ce que vous pensez?

J'ai aussi crée un autre blog complètement en français pour la compétition SEO Cpayscom2 Online Casino, et de ce blog j'ai ajouté un lien seulement a cette page et pas à
mise à jour (15/11/06)
La chance ne semble pas être a mes cotés pour la compétition SEO Cpayscom2 Online Casino, j'ai perdu encore deux place sur, Mon blog Cpayscom2 Online Casino se retrouve maintenant à la septième place. Mais c'est pas trop grave, j'espere wu mon autre blog strictement français aura plus de change que celui ci.

A propos de mon blog Cpayscom2 Online Casino français, les bots de MSN ne l'ont pas encore visité, un peu bizarre car ce blog si a était visité 1 jour seulement après avoir été crée. Enfin c'es pas trop grave, er je vais pas perdre espoir maintenant, il me reste encore trois mois pour arriver a la première place sur Et juste pour mettre au courant au cas ou vous n'aurez pas remarquer, je suis numéro un sur pour "Cpayscom2 Online Casino".
mise à jour (22/11/06)
Ohlala, MSN ne m'aime pas dutout! Je suis maintenant à la huitième place sur, c'est triste parceque blog aussi a baissé en rank sur pour les mots clef cpayscom2 online casino. Enfin, je continue tout de même a mettre a jour mon blog, on ne sais jamais ce qui peut se passer, esperons que les bots de MSN visiteront mon blog encore une fois avan la deuxième contrôle le premier decembre et je me retrouve a la première place, ce serait vraiment super ;) Et pour terminer je souhaite bonne chance a tout le monde.