No Value For Content In The Cpayscom2 Online Casino SEO Contest?

I think I am right saying that content has not much value for SEO Contests and we've seen it with the first Cpayscom2 Online Casino checkpoint some days ago... The bloglines blog has almost no content, what he's been concentrating on is getting tons of links from trusted sources, I put trusted in bold since many get this backlink thing wrong, that is you need to get backlinks from clean sites not crap (illegal, sex sites etc)

Just have a look at the backlinks for the bloglines blog, showing 1000+ now, and all from good sources, hmm he probably got $$$ to spend on links.. (I plan on working on only free links)

I just had a look at the announcements on, the interview with the cpayscom2 online casino first checkpoint winner, he has lots of experience with SEO Contests, he participated in almost all that has been organised and he won a lot too, it will be hard to compete with him. He also has much more experience in SEO than me (4-5 years) while I have only some months...

Ok, let's now stop whining which will lead me nowhere, I've been a bit discouraged when I saw the first checkpoint winner but now I think he kinda deserve it, content is not the only thing to rank well, backlinks from trusted sources is also very important. Hmm a bit difficult to get tons of "trusted" backlinks if you don't have $$$ to invest, anyway I take it as a challenge now, it will not be easy but that's what makes the cpayscom2 online casino seo contest more exciting.