Feels Good To Be In Google

After 16 days in the competition (I joined on the 20th of August), I found my Cpayscom2 Online Casino entry in Google today @ position 335

Now that I am in the 3 Search Engines, I can work my way slowly to the TOP ;)
Beware guys lol (Haha am talking as if I was a SEO pro)
Cpayscom2 Online Casino

My Stats after 2 weeks 2 days in the Contest
Keyword: "Cpayscom2 Online Casino"
MSN - #5 (35,823)
Google - #335 (259,000)
Yahoo - #213 (365,000)

I also checked my Ranking for some variation of the main keywords with the Shoemoney SERP Tool
Keyword: "Cpayscom2OnlineCasino"
MSN - #5 (53)
Google - #3 (152)
Yahoo - #26 (109)

Keyword: "Cpayscom2"
MSN - #4 (40,161)
Google - #3 (260,000)
Yahoo - #Not Found (380,000) - Am not in the top 100, I didn't search for my blog, I am probably in the 300+ something for cpayscom2.

It's good to know that I am not ranking for only Cpayscom2 Online Casino. I will post a bit about my optimization techniques next time, hope you'll share some of yours too :p